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do you know good hayfever medicine over the counter?

Also, is Benadryl alergy relief really better than other ones?

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5 Responses to “do you know good hayfever medicine over the counter?”

  1. idler22 said :

    A cheaper way is just to go to your GP and get a months prescription.

    Strong medicine for only £6.85.

  2. hairy_spaghetti said :

    Boots ownbrand or a supermarket chemist’s ownbrand is good enough. They all contain some kind of cetrizine or loratidine which is what you need! They’re also a fraction of the price. I know Sainsburys Hayfever Relief tabs are about £3 for 28 or 30 🙂

  3. Storm3 said :

    Beconaze very good or Piriton.

  4. Dr Frank said :

    Only about 50% of patients will get relief of all hay fever symptoms with just an oral antihistamine. These are all much of a muchness, dividing in to 2 groups.

    A) Old, sedative, powerful 2-3 times a day, cheap.
    B) Newer, less sedative, less powerful, once a day, much more expensive.

    If you are in the 50% who are still symptomatic you may need an eye drop and a nasal spray and possibly even an inhaler.

    The drops and spray available over the counter tend to be the older less powerful drugs in smaller and more expensive packages than the prescribed packs. The inhalers are prescription only.

    You are maybe keen to avoid wasting your GP’s time, however you will probably better served by seeing him and it will almost certainly end up being cheaper.

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