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Do you know a Low Carb BBQ Sauce Recipe without Catsup?

Hi I want to make a low carb bbq sauce but I can’t seem to find a recipe on the net that doesn’t require low carb/sugar free catsup–I don’t have it where I live. Does anyone have any ideas?

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2 Responses to “Do you know a Low Carb BBQ Sauce Recipe without Catsup?”

  1. Victoria said :

    order it…or the low carb bbq sauce online. tomato paste could work too

  2. janisko said :

    I spent months trying one low-carb barbeque sauce recipe after another. All were totally gross. The best I’ve found is Smokin Joe’s. It’s fabulous. I tried it on the advice of the owner of the low-carb store in my city. He said their low-carb is even better than their regular sauces. Go to…

    Edited to correct link….

    If you don’t want to order from them you could Google it and find another source.


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