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Do steam and sauna rooms help weightloss?

I just got a membership to a gym which has a steam room and sauna. Do these help weightloss or just water weight?

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6 Responses to “Do steam and sauna rooms help weightloss?”

  1. jennmcilroy said :

    You will only lose water weight. But there are health benefits to using saunas.

    1. Cleans out the pores of your skin.
    2. Removes stress from muscles the occur during stressful
    situations and working out.
    3. Good cool down method after a workout.
    4. Good place to stretch.
    5. A moment of peace (no kids!!)

  2. Craig said :

    just water weight
    you cant sweat out fat

    but they can make you appear slimmer for a few hours

  3. lv_consultant said :

    they can cause a slight increase in gh output but not enough to cause a decrease in body fat. you will lose mainly water weight which will be gained back once you drink any fluids.

    fat is stored energy. one of the basic laws of physics is the law of energy conservation which states that energy can neither can be created or destroyed it can only change forms. the ONLY way to decrease the body fat is to follow a low calorie diet with sufficient daily exercise. the fat when then be metabolized and given off as heat energy.

  4. nwest72 said :

    i believe that u just lose water weight but i have friends that swear by the sauna for weight loss

  5. lmsabm said :

    The only help you lose water weight, and they can greatly dehydrate you.

  6. molly said :

    just water weight so you’ll gain it back very quickly


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