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do long jog/runs work for men who want to lose some extra fat ?

I read an article in mens health magazine that said the long jog/runs don’t work for men and that they will only benefit women. Is this true or just a bunch of nonsense? If it is true what type of running should men do to lose weight?

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7 Responses to “do long jog/runs work for men who want to lose some extra fat ?”

  1. t r e k k e r said :

    Sure, unless you have asthma or breathing problems. I suggest taking it slow at first. Walking will work just as good.

  2. ruger5al said :

    yes they do work it aint distance but time that you need to worry about

  3. MK Diva said :

    Yes, jog/running works for men. So do other cardio activities. Make sure that your heart is beating at fat burning heart rate. Usualy there is a chart on the cardio equipment at the gym, if not look it up online. To maximize your weightloss do some weightlifting before cardio. Do upper body one day and lower the next. You will burn a lot more fat if you have more muscle. Good luck!

  4. Wiy sumsin wong said :

    Think about this what u read was in a MAGAZINE they are full of truth and lies, i’m 100% sure that the statement you gave us about jogging is a lie i weighted myself 3 months ago 140 now im 143 all muscle and from jogging no fat none at all except about 2.3%

  5. Sunshine said :

    yes, jogging/running works for everyone.
    if it didn’t work for men, then I don’t know what would 😀

  6. Greg L. said :

    Absolutely, but only if this is in conjunction with a sensible diet as well. I used to run 4.5 miles 4x a week and lost about 20 pounds over a 4 month period, but I was also eating healthily.

  7. Aerial M said :

    Yes they do work ,NoMatter what the magiznes say My Father ran laps and jogged and it made him losse some weight /Jogg and run and also eata healty diet..


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