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Do I need to start a fatloss phase, or still bulk up….?

Im currently bulking up to build muscle. I eat 6 meals a day ( 3 big meals being break fast, mid meal n dinner, the other 3 are protein shakes mixed with fruit and oatmeal) and I train 3 times week, a split routine training each muscle once a week. Iv been bulking for 4 months now, and iv gone for 9.5 stone to 11.5 stone, and my shoulders n chest are alot broader n have a thicker back, arms n legs and my strength has increased by 7.5 kilos on pretty much each exercise. The problem is my stomach, my waist has gone from 30 inch to 34inch. I dont do any cardio. Should i just carry on as i am but implement cardio? Or should i start stripping the fat off? Thanks

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One Response to “Do I need to start a fatloss phase, or still bulk up….?”

  1. kav2312 said :

    Its really up to you. Its not what you need to do, it whats you want. If you felt that you have had significant muscle and strength gains through your bulking stage, then you can cut intake and start more cardio, ab work, and high rep weight training. Your diet sounds fine. Your split was a little unspecific so I can’t help there. Really though its your choice to make.


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