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Do diet fizzy drinks stop weight loss?

I may be totally wrong, but I’ve heard that things like diet coke and pepsi maxx stop weight loss?
Is this true? / The calorie content is like 1 so I don’t understand if it’s right?

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8 Responses to “Do diet fizzy drinks stop weight loss?”

  1. A n t o n i o ;'D said :

    They dont stop it necessarily their just full of additives and preservatives that are really bad for you, and they dont get you fully hydrated, also calorie content is irrelevant when it comes to drinks like that because they disguise the sugar with ‘caramel’…

  2. Louise said :

    Diet fizzy drinks still are not that good for you. They don’t stop you loosing weight but they don’t help either.

  3. Dr. Phil said :

    I’d suggest just drinking water and milk. Fizzy drinks are just bad for you, regardless of being diet or full fat.

  4. Dr Frank said :

    No, provided they are basically sugar free they have no significant effect.

  5. ffrr said :

    they do not stop weight loss… technically a persons weight is constantly changing. The addition/subtraction of calories can have a major effect on weight loss, as do certain food groups, ie fast foods VS vegetables, and also how much exercise one does, and many other factors like environment and stress!

    who ever it is who’s telling you these bizarre claims really needs to do some reading!

  6. Betty B said :

    They don’t stop weight loss, they do worse…they make you gain weight.
    It’s not about the fizz or the drink; it’s just about the fake sugar that will wreak havoc in your body.

    If you eat/drink something sweet, your taste buds will send the message to your brain. Then your brain will think that you’re getting more sugar so you will get an insulin response and the actual sugar that you have in your blood will be sent to your fat cells and muscles (that’s one way to get fat), since you’re supposed to get more sugar…BUT THEN…oops, you did not really get sugar!!! So now, your body is in a state of emergency with low blood sugar levels. Now, all your body wants is for you to replenish your sugar level in your blood which are very important and to make you do that, your body (your brain) makes you very hungry because it wants you to eat to get more sugar (which is why people eating diet food are more likely to binge).

    So…sweet food with real sugar would just give you more energy, while sweet food with fake sugar will just make you weak (low blood sugar level) and hungrier (need to replenish the blood sugar), so you’ll eat more and gain weight.
    They are a lot of experiments with rats and the ones given fake sugar ate more and got fatter.

    It is a proven fact, among humans, that fake sugar, like in diet sodas, leads to obesity.

    I think that due to the epidemic rate of obesity in America (more than a third of the population), fake sugar should be illegal (fake sugar and trans fats). It’s the role of the government to protect its citizens, even against their own stupidity, like only thinking about the calorie content, if any, and not the harmful effect of fake sugar.

  7. David said :

    the post about “fake sugar” is wrong, at least in my case. thank goodness for artificial sweeteners. i quit using sugar while a teen. it saved my health, and my teeth. i,m 63. extremely healthy. i have all of my original teeth. the sweetener does not generate cravings. i will continue to use it as long as i live.

  8. Cindy in Texas said :

    Citric acid can disrupt fat loss.

    Acetyl Coenzyme A (CoA) is an extremely important biological molecule which is right at the hub of carbohydrate metabolism. Both carbohydrates and fats can be metabolized to produce energy, and acetyl-CoA is central to keeping the balance between these two. This process is called the Citric Acid Cycle (or the Krebs cycle) because citric acid (or more precisely, the citrate ion) is one of the key chemicals in the series of reactions.


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