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Dieting: How much does it cost to get colon cleaned?

I’m dieting & exercising. I’ve read that detoxing or even getting your colon cleaned can help you lose 8+ pounds. How expensive is this? Which would you recommend a supplement or the colon cleanse procedure?

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8 Responses to “Dieting: How much does it cost to get colon cleaned?”

  1. smile182 said :

    i wanna point out that you could loose up to 8 lbs….key word is could, if you watch mtv’s show hollywood hills they tell the guy that you might not even loose a single pound the first time you.

  2. air00mike said :

    The 8+ pound loss they claim is due to dehydration afterwards and is NOT attributed to actual fat loss!! You will gain most of it back within a few days.

    If you are worried about the cost, there always the good old garden hose trick : – )

  3. Josie826 said :

    Go to the web site I know that is a horrible name, but the stuff really works. It cleans you out and you feel better afterward. With shipping it costs $37.50.

  4. seeso said :

    If you go to you can actually purchase a colon cleanse pill. I heard, from friends, that it works great. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I am considering.

  5. silverbullet said :

    This stuff is nonsense. Don’t go anywhere near it. Any weight loss is strictly temporary, primarily from dehydration.

  6. thabboywannab said :

    If you want to clean your colon just take any laxative. That’s what cleaning your colon is. You body doesn’t have a chance to absorb the water so it shoots through the colon “cleaning” it. You could go to any supermarket and pick up a bottle of colon cleanser or basically any laxative for 10-20 bucks or so. You don’t need to buy anything special or super expensive.

    Secondly. The 8+ pounds you will lose are water weight since laxatives basically dehydrate you. You may lose all that “weight” but as soon as you start drinking water again you will gain it all back. Also since it is water weight the only difference you will see will be on the scale. In the mirror you will look exactly the same. If you want to look different you need to lose fat. For that a proper diet and lots of exercise will help, keep it up. =D

  7. Tapestry6 said :

    Your colon is part of your intestines.. you can’t get it clean it will always have some sort of bacteria in it. People are making a lot of money on this one.. but will it clean your intestines.. I dont think so.
    Interesting site to read:

  8. beauty queen said :

    The amount of weight you can lose with a colon cleanse depends on how much matter is left in your intestines. The average person has 5-20 pounds of matter, so you can lose a decent amount.

    For colon cleansing home remedies, the best thing would be going for juice fasting for 3- 5 days or eat a diet high in fiber and drink your recommended amount of water.

    For colon cleansing products, Cellular Research, Dr. Natura, Dr. Schulze, Enuvia, Health Plus, Nature’s Secret and Oxy-Powder are quite among popular among the industry. is a blog that review colon cleanse product, colon cleanse home remedies and more.


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