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Did I just run 1 mile or 1km on my treadmill?

the reason i’m not sure is because the machine says mileage but the manual says its KM.

I was on speed 6 and I ran for about 15 minutes ……. any ideas????

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2 Responses to “Did I just run 1 mile or 1km on my treadmill?”

  1. Lilly said :

    Were you on 6mph? If so then you ran one mile and a half.

  2. biniwop said :

    Treadmills can be very tricky with the wordings, but I used to run on a treadmill religiously until I burned out the roller. But I remember when I jogged 6 miles per hour (speed 6) it would put me at exactly at a 10 minute mile pace. For 15 minutes at running on speed 6, you probably ran 1.5 miles. Here is a nice conversion link that converts Kilometers into Miles.


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