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did i eat good today?? will i lose weight fast? im fat….?

i skipped breakfast.. i wasnt hungry.. for lunch i had oatmeal(i didnt finish it i only ate half) with brown sugar and honey-200 calories. then my mom wanted me to make oat bran muffins, and i ate one.. :/ it was 120 calories. then for dinner i had a salad with vinager dresssing- calories around 200-300ishhh, and i just had a yogurt-100 calories. ive been eating like this for awhile, like friday i had oatmeal for breakfast, for lunch (my mom packed a sandwich, cookies, and crackers, and a necturine) but i threw that away.. i didnt want it.. and just ate the necturine and diet coke, then for dinner salad again.? i also run for 45 minutes on mondays wednesdays and fridays. i am 16 btw and 131 lbs. i feel so fat.. and ugly 🙁

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3 Responses to “did i eat good today?? will i lose weight fast? im fat….?”

  1. allyshia; due feb.15/11 said :



  2. Samanthae said :

    if you dont eat breafast and then every 3 to 4 bhours your metabolism will be very slow and cause u to gain weight.

  3. Lily said :

    actually ur eating less than the daily recommended calorie count (1200-1500 a day). Cutting out pop and sugar will help drop the weight fast. But make sure that you eat right and drink water.
    131 lbs is not bad. Maybe see a nutritionist or a counselor if ur worried? Talk to ur mom.


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