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Diabetics, not having belly fat is important what do you do to keep it off?

I really think I get belly fat from eating certain foods like junk foods & it leaves when I eat more veggies. Do you do certain exercises or exercise a lot. Please share what you have found about this subject.

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6 Responses to “Diabetics, not having belly fat is important what do you do to keep it off?”

  1. Mr. Peachy® said:

    You’re right. The closer you stick with the more natural foods and avoid so called refined (junk) foods, the better. I just walk at a very brisk pace a few miles a day. The belly fat disappeared in a few months and has never come back. I think the key is daily exercise. I don’t think it has to be particularly vigorous.

  2. MavistheMaven said:

    Walking is considered one of the best ways to get the belly fat to go away.

  3. jelesais2000 said:

    You left out an important word–excess. I’ve been diabetic for 48 years and have always had some belly fat, less than half an inch when pinched. It acts as insulation and goes down when extra food is needed by your body. It also makes taking shots, if you choose it as an injection sight, less painful. I worked from the time I was 8 and was diagnosed at 10, so I didn’t have a lot to start, but didn’t get much until my heart attack stopped me. A little is not a bad thing, but lay off the junk foods because they’ll screw up your diet in several ways. You need food value, a well conceived diet, exercise and to be able to recognize what your body is telling you, whether it’s hungry in general or needs sugar to avoid a reaction or to stop eating because your blood sugar is too high. Check with your doctor, a dietician, and a personal trainer who is familiar with your version of diabetes and work out a program suitable for you. Good luck.

  4. xaxorm said:

    Insulin, by enabling us to process excess glucose in the blood, is partially respionsible for packing on the pounds, since excess stored glycogen is eventually stored as fat all over the body. (Glycogen is mid-term energy, fat is long term storage.)

    So, to lose my paunch, which I’ve had for over 20 years (and I’ve been type 1 for 30 years), I’ve started walking 3 miles a day, and basically stopped eating carbs. Yes, almost completely carb free. And my insulin dose has decreased by 80%. I am almost completely off the basal dose. I am practically not taking insulin and my sugars are still controlled. So, for all those Type 1 experts who say that we can never be off insulin totally…not true.

    Basal insulin is there to process sugar that is normally released from the liver, but if you don’t allow your metabolism to “do” carbs at all, which is what fat burning (ketosis) is all about, you don’t even need a basal dose.

  5. Betelgeuse said:

    What I recommend is doing lots of cardio exercises everyday and drinking green tea. One other thing, too. When you do cardio be sure to alter your workout every week. Muscle confusion is the key if you want to get results.

  6. Dr.John L said:

    Low carb, low fat diet and exercise , primarily, walking and climbing stairs, as well as sports also help. Good Luck


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