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Could you optimize weight loss by taking fat-burners and then working out on an empty stomach?

Recently started Lipo 6. I’ve learned that working out on an empty stomach maximizes weight loss because your body will focus on burning some body fat in you as fuel instead of calories from if you were to eat before exercising. I’m just wondering if I could speed up the fat-burning by taking Lipo 6 before working out along with the empty stomach, or save it for after workout? Directions on the bottle did say take them at least 30 minutes before a meal.

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3 Responses to “Could you optimize weight loss by taking fat-burners and then working out on an empty stomach?”

  1. mane said :

    u are probalby correct
    i feel eat well and workout well
    maintain balance consciously

  2. Short Asian guy said :

    yes. you’re right about it. takin the fat burner at least 30mins before a meal works effectively. however it depends on individuals. fat burners normally work between 4-5 hours. so once u consume the fat burner. u should hav some food. then later in tat day. u should go on with your exercise. then only you can burn the excessive calorie uptake.

  3. trainhard said :

    This may be overly simplistic, but I would eliminate the fat burners. Like all supplements, they are not regulated to check for safetey. After the last “scare” with ephedra, it became apparent that these type of supplements can be dangerous for many people (and yes, millions take them without problems). Everyone reacts differently to them, but I would double down on the fitness. Do cardio at least five days a week, strength train two-three days a week, and add some yoga.


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