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Can you tell a fatty if the half-plate rule is a good rule to follow? ?

Height: 5’5″
Age 17
Gender: Female
Starting Weight: 180 lbs.
Goal Weight: 120 lbs.
Weight Left to Go: 60 lbs.

For those of you who don’t know, the “half-plate rule” is how you divide your plate for meals. Half of the plate has your carbs and protein and the other half has low-calorie fruit and/or vegetables (potatoes are counted as carbs, not veggies) If you are still hungry after you finish the plate of food, you can have another plate of fruit or veggies.

If someone were to follow this rule for their meals would they loose weight? Is it possible to use this basic rule along with making other basic healthy food choices (whole grains, lean cuts of meat, low saturated fat, etc) and avoid actually counting and calculating calories?

Also, is it a good idea to set multiple 10% goals? For example, my first weight loss goal will be to loose 18 pounds to get to 162 pounds. Then, I will reward myself and work towards losing another 10% of my weight. (16 pounds to get to 146 lbs, 14 lbs to get to 132 lbs, and finally about 13 lbs which will get me just under my goal).

My only concern is that my first goal is pretty high, but I wonder if it will balance out if you consider that the weight generally falls off quickly at first and then slows down.
Thanks for the help.

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3 Responses to “Can you tell a fatty if the half-plate rule is a good rule to follow? ?”

  1. Car Go Zoom said :

    if you were going to tell a fat person to cut down? if thats what you were really asking then, yea, i could.

  2. MamaLynn said :

    Over the years I have seen so many schemes to loose weight. Here is the skinny…no pun intended. The ONLY way to loose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. It is the ONLY way period. No pills, potions, diets, etc will do it. You absolutely MUST burn more calories than you take in. So how do you do that….you eat low calorie foods (vegtables) and exercise. You will notice that all diets include some sort of exercise program.

    So you can do the half plate rule if you want and if it works for you but just remember….if the half plate has more calories on it than you burn you will not loose weight period.

  3. Mary S said :

    It could work but one which does is much simpler.

    If you have protein, you do not eat carbohydrates with it.

    So you can eat meat/ fish and salad or cooked greens.

    You can eat salad and cooked greens with potatoes, pasta or rice.

    Why do we fat people always reward ourselves when we loose weight with food?

    I suggest that you include one treat a week like a (small) slice of chocolate cake, in your regime. If you ‘cheat’ then that is your treat gone.


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