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can you lose body fat with out losing weight?

6-7 months ago i started eating really healthier, i mean a lot, and exercising more. I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds

the weird thing is, i haven’t lost any weight, but i look like i have. i look thinner, or leaner.

could i have lost body fat, and not weight? It seems like i’ve lost some body fat.

When you lose body fat do you lose weight or see a difference in scale numbers?

if i gained muscle wouldn’t i have gained weight, since muscle weighs more than fat?

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3 Responses to “can you lose body fat with out losing weight?”

  1. Bijou said :

    Yes. You have probably lost fat but built muscle. Instead of using scales, try using a measuring tape, and measure your hips, waist, thighs, arms, etc. It will give you a more accurate reading.

  2. stallion said :

    Yes! You can do it. With proper exercises,you can change the distribution of excess material and will srart looking more trim and smart.

  3. karat4top said :

    You wouldn’t necessarily loose weight, if you have lost more fat poundage than you gained in muscle. I personally don’t care what the scale says – if my clothes fit good and I have good energy, I don’t care what I weigh.


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