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Can you get a delayed allergic reaction after a course of medicine?

I recently took a 1 week intensive course of a prescribed medicine for a fungal infection on 2 of my nails. The last tablets I took were last Monday – almost a week ago. Today (Saturday) I have had rash break out on my right elbow, and to a lesser degree on my foot. It itches a bit but isn’t too bad. Could this be a delayed allergic reaction to the tablets I was on? I don’t have any other symptoms.

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4 Responses to “Can you get a delayed allergic reaction after a course of medicine?”

  1. stuffingfun07 said :

    It could be try hydrocortisone cream if it does not go away go see your doc!

  2. triaxle32590 said :

    Yes contact you doctor ASAP

  3. Scott Bull said :

    It all depends on the medication, some of them take a while to get into your system, and sometimes it’s after prologned exposure to a medication, of course, in some cases it can be a lot quicker.

    For example, I’m epileptic, and whilst some tablets are useless, or barely work, they don’t affect me too much.

    A high dose of Gabapejtin made me really dizzy and made me almost blind for a short duration, and Tegratol Retard and Prgabalin made me even more suicidal and made my migranes even worse.

    You should consult your doctore as soon as you can, and also, contact the NHS helpline and ask for their advice whilst you’re waiting for an appointment.

    Don’t stop your course of treatment unless advised by your doctor, as this can have adverse effects that are just as bad, or even worse.

  4. MARTIN P said :

    yes cos i had a similar thing happen,
    i had been given some very powerful tablets, & a friend of mine stole them from my house.
    And when i found out some 4 days later he suffered a delayed allergic reaction,& now he won’t touch another tablet.


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