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can u guess what is wrong with me?

I’ve taken a bunch of trips to the doc for the past couple months to find out what wrong with me, but after a dozen blood tests/xrays, my doctor has given up finding out what is wrong with me. I’ve been tested for diabetes, anemia, artheritis, kidney disease and nothing showed up on the tests. So she simply sent me home with no answers…..

I’m a 22 year old slim shaped female who walks daily for exercise, but have been feeling like crap the past 3 years, as I gradually got worse during that period, quickly loosing weight, little to no appetite, I’m always cold, I have minor chest discomfort, pain in knee and hand joints, hands falling asleep at nite, dizzy spells, had a bad case of vertigo, and passed out once as well hitting my head. Standing up for long periods of time can become very painful, and I have bad fatigue were I’m tired all of time no matter how much sleep I get, I even take naps and not go to places so I could sleep instead.

So since my real doctor has given up, heres your chance to take your kiddy doctor kits and give a guess or opinion on what the heck is wrong with me =p

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6 Responses to “can u guess what is wrong with me?”

  1. lasouthernbelle15 said :

    Get a new doctor. What one doctor won’t see another will. Also, are there any mental problems (anxiety, depression) that are untreated? that could be the problem. Just my opinion, I hope it helps.

  2. ghost said :

    I’d say go to another doctor. Sounds like poor circulation or low blood count. Did they do a blood count? Have you had a colonoscopy? Just because one doctor wasn’t smart enough to find your problem, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Don’t give up. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, and please find another doctor, maybe a heart specialist. Good Luck!

  3. superquerious said :

    Lyme disease? Chronic fatigue syndrome? Fibromyalgia? Depression? Orthostatis hypertension? Shy-Drager syndrome?

  4. Ghee said :

    Were you checked for chronic fatigue, Lupus or other auto -immune disease? Find a Dr, that specializes in auto-immune (like arthritis) and make an appointment — Get a copy of all your previous Dr.’s records and test result to take to him to show what has been done. Get a second opinion.

  5. lucky6 said :

    Have they looked into your stomach lining at all? I knew a women that had the same symptoms and they couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. It was a few months ago so i don’t remember exactly what it was but it had to do with her impenitents or stomach lining. It was a rare problem and she had it since birth. I hope i can help!
    O yea are u losing alot of weight?

  6. andangeles said :

    You know it might not be a physical problem, it might be a mental disturbance. Like for example depression. You should go to psycologist to exclude any posible mental illness. If that doesnt work out, then it could be a really serious physical illness. It rings a bell to be depression (seriously). Wich is why your doctor might not know what’s wrong with you.


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