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Can trampoling for 30-40 mins each day help you lose weight fast?

Going on holiday in 2 and a half weeks, but I was to lose weight in two weeks. I have a trampoline and am good at doing tricks (somersault backflip…). I was wondering if I did the trampoline for 30-40 mins each day would that help me lose weight? Oh and I also do a rowing machine for 20 mins every other day
i want to look good in my bikini 🙂

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9 Responses to “Can trampoling for 30-40 mins each day help you lose weight fast?”

  1. Gabrielle said :

    Probably because your moving which burns fat.

  2. xoxallnaturalxox said :

    Yes, but it depends on what you eat as well as exercise.

  3. Dom said :

    Yes, eat healthy too.

  4. Tarra said :

    ANY movement that gets your heart-rate into the aerobic zone for a long period of time (20-30 minutes) will burn body fat.

    Doesn’t matter how. Trampoline, or pogo-stick. if Your heart is pumping hard… that’s Cardio. Cardio burns body fat. A rowing machine would be much much more productive.

    Losing body fat is only part of the process. You need to be sure NOT to eat too many calories to just fill up the fat cells you worked so hard to empty!

  5. Vivaldi said :

    The trampoline isn’t the best for losing weight because the trampoline itself supplies 90% of the energy used for your jumping around. Doing somersaults and back flips will improve your core strength (abs and lower back muscles), but its not a solution for quick weight loss.

    Quick weight loss requires vigorous exercise for over 1 hour per day. You should have an elevated heart rate (120-160 beats per minute) for a sustained period. You should be sweating and drinking water to prevent dehydration.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of vigorous exercise you do, but exercises that work major muscles like the arms and legs tend to be the best. You cannot target fat loss. If you have fat abs it doesn’t do you any good to just do situps. You need to do running, fast walking, elliptical orbitor, biking, or rowing to lose weight quickly.

  6. Juli said :

    Yes! the best way to lose weight is cardio work outs– so anything that gets your heart rate up. I would recommend 60+ min 3x days a week at least. This coupled with a good diet and you should be able to drop 1-3 lbs per week. Also– rowing is an excellent full body work out! great choice!

  7. Ciara said :

    Absolutely! Any physical activity that gets your heart beating faster or breaks a sweat can help you lose weight. If you jump on it for a good amount of time daily I think you’ll have quick results! It’s definitely a good & fun work-out.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Sammy said :

    idk but try QueShe it works great

  9. Coletta Colegrove said :

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