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can someone make me a diet plan to lose weight?

I have belly fat which I really want to lose before my birthday:
I’m vegetarian and I go to school
My birthday is the end of June, THANKS!

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5 Responses to “can someone make me a diet plan to lose weight?”

  1. jemmylooloo said:
  2. Montana said:

    See a dietitian they know their business get expert advice. Cardio exercise is a must if you are not doing it and resistance training too. You need both. It can be done.

  3. Caroline said:

    I use this website:

    I’ve lost 20 pounds!

  4. Laura said:

    I’m not a vegetarian but have switched to many veggie foods from beef/pork. My husband is a ‘beef hound’ and some of the switches I made, he didn’t even notice. i.e. Morningstar products. I don’t want to advertise for them specifically BUT their riblets are to die for. You would never believe it was vegan. As well their boneless buffalo wings – yummy.

    But watch your portion size. Most people vastly over-estimate portion size. Pay attention to the nutrition information for serving size.

    There is no magic pill or program for weight loss, regardless of what others tell you. 2 – 3 lbs per week is a healthy weight loss.

    You need to follow a sensible diet. Start eating fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

    There is a great show on the Lifestyle channel, Cook Yourself Thin. They show you how to change your fave recipes to low fat, low calorie. It’s a really neat show.

    Their idea is that you take your goal weight and multiply by 10. This number is your maximum daily calories.

    You need to eat what’s called filling foods to not get hungry all the time. Things like apples and bananas are filling. Almost all types of beans, garbanzo, green, kidney, re-fried fat-free, beets, cauliflower are some of the many filling veggies.

    Avoid over-use of salt, you will retain water.

    Drink water, and if you don’t like it plain try a little squeezed lemon or lime in it. Drink at least 8 ozs before each meal.

    You may also want to try switching from 3 meals a day and eating 4 or 5 lighter meals.

    Losing weight requires a lifestyle change.

    Good luck!

  5. iloveecookiiesssx said:

    you can do what i do as i’m actually really fit. and i say you just have to go gym or do sports. get a lot of water during the day so you dont hydrate because if you lose too much water and you dont get water in again you can hydrate. then eat lots of fruit, i like oranges they keep me active during the day. but there is also strawberries which is like a desert but make you sure you eat it without cream.
    if you got stairs at home walk up and down. thats what i do and my parents sometimes look at me like what are you doing lol.
    lift weifhts if your ready for it. start with not heavy ones and once you build up muscle get heavier ones.
    also run and or take the bike when you have to go somewhere eg school or shops.
    dance just around the house or as a sport. do also sit ups and if you cant go further then you have to stop and drink some water.
    make sure you to be active during the day and it is warm to get an cold shower. and also when your finish get an shower.
    eat normally dont change the way you eat.
    begin the day with kellogs slim and milk then if you get hungry only eat fruit and drink water then as lunch get two sandwiches with salad or tuna then lunch get rice and beans as desert get a smoothie nothing else. lower the fat except for sometimes you can eat cheese as that contains calcium and you need calcium to have healthy bones and teeth. choose as fruit oranges. well i do because that contains vitamin C and that keeps you healthy and active so you dont get ill when you are working out/

    ill make you an first eating routine
    breakfast kellogs slim with milk and you can eat some toast not normal bread. always toast your bread
    breake. just eat something light a musli bar
    lunch two sanwiches with salad
    dinner rice with greens and light yoghurt
    desert fresh strawberries.
    have enough water during the day so you dont get hydrated

    next day
    breakfast eat light white cheese on toast with orange drink
    break stick with the musli bar
    lunch egg salad
    dinner eat some soup. tomato with a toast
    desert get an light fruit yoghurt

    you can make your own routine. get an book and write all your eating routine and working out routine in. also write how much you lose in the week.
    gud luck =]


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