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Can regular health insurance be used for health-related dental work?

I have not only very unhealthy teeth, but an undersized lower jaw. Both of which is causing quite a bit of health problems (from digestive difficulties to sleep apnia). With this being not merely dental, can my health insurance be used to fund some way of fixing this problem?

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One Response to “Can regular health insurance be used for health-related dental work?”

  1. jo said :

    For a start get a bottle of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and start brushing and mouth washing daily with it. It kills pain and heals oral problems. My dentist recommended this to me many years ago (I have mediocure teeth also) But the gums hold the teeth in, so when you get healthy gums your teeth are enormously better.

    You need to see an Orthodontist for the undersized lower jaw.
    My son had the same problem and was in Orthodonture 6 years to enlarge the bottom jaw. Of course your age may determine whether this can be solved now. He was 10-16 during his braces.

    You might need a couple of teeth pulled to allow space.

    It might be wise to buy some dental insurance that includes orthodonture coverage. To prepare for getting braces.

    For digestive difficulties, have your thyroid checked, this can cause swollowing problems. Losing even 10 lbs. can correct your sleep apnea problem. My Mother in Law had it for her life, after going on Sythroid for her Thyroid, she lost 17 lbs and her sleep apnea totally went away. She was 83 when it finally stopped. The doctor had increased her Sythroid for her Thyroid imbalance.

    For your stomach, drink a glass of Lemon water (about 3 Tablespoons in a glass) daily. This will correct the acid balance in your stomach.

    If you have been on any medication for anything it can throw your acid balance out of whack. Lemon juice sounds illogical, we started using it to improve our metabolism and it fixed my 10 year old acid reflux problem. Check out this site, if you want to find the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

    Here you can get free quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an afforable health insurance with a reliable company.

    Best Wishes,


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