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Can losing weight too fast cause illness?

im a muscular guy at 5ft 7in and my weight is usually around 12st 7lb. For the first time in my life i piled on fat and went to 14st 4lb. Then when i started a new job 10 weeks ago which is 12 hour shifts 4 days a week i started losing weight rapidly. 10 weeks on i’m still losing weight and i’m now at 11st 8lb. Im happy i’ve shifted the pounds but i have had 4 minor colds and chapped lips twice. i’m a person that was rarely ill before this.

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3 Responses to “Can losing weight too fast cause illness?”

  1. Gabe said :

    It can if you arent eating enough. You have a demanding job? do you eat more? If you are losing weight just by going to work, its probably taking a lot out of you. Try eating more. Eating too little food while over working your body lowers your immune system, causing the sickness you describe. Schedule and apt with your doctor and talk to him. If you are exercising as well to lose weight, then just eat more. But if its coming off just from going to work alone, you might need to add some food and get a check up to make sure your health is fine. Good luck i hope everythings going okay for your health.

  2. bluewithoutu said :

    If you’re not eating enough vitamins and nutrients, then yes!

    I’d consider taking a vitamin supplement if you don’t want to eat more. Taking a pill isn’t nearly as good as the real thing, but it’s better than nothing.

    When your body is losing weight, it’s definitely a bit malnourished and not receiving it’s regular amount of food intake, calories and nutrients.

    So either eat a bit more good healthy foods or some vitamins. Be sure to rest and drink plenty of water too!

  3. Good Servant said :

    Losing weight to fast can cause some problems.


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