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Can I target fat loss on my body?

In general my chest doesnt really have much fat on it, however the fat that it does have is like stored around my, for lack of a better word, nipples. Im a 5’9 155 lbs male, is there anyway I can target the fat loss so that they arent like that?

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One Response to “Can I target fat loss on my body?”

  1. pepper mill said:

    it is not possible to spot reduce (lose fat in one specific area of your body); however, by doing general cardio workouts and eating healthy, you can decrease your body’s total amount of body fat, so you would lose it all over your body, including your chest

    you can increase the amount of muscle in your chest though, which would firm up that area while also help burn overall calories/fat; you could try exercises like push ups, bench press, or other chest exercises

    good luck!!


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