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Can I have tips on losing weight and how to stick to it?

I’m getting pains in my back and I get heart burn and i’m fat and well somedays I can’t sleep at night cause ever time I lay down I get heart burn so I guess I need to lose weight starting from tomorrow. I haven’t got alot of money so I can’t really go to the gym alot so what should I do. can I have any tips on losing weight

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5 Responses to “Can I have tips on losing weight and how to stick to it?”

  1. ella said :

    i lost 17lbs in 10 weeks on weight watchers

    i was meant to count the points but i soon realised that diets/healthy living/weight loss are more about a way of life than actual dieting.

    i started counting points but as soon as i realised that it was easy to swap things or change the way i cooked i stop counting points ( keep getting weighed once week at the meetings – ditch the scales they will bring bad habits if you weigh every day ) and started adjusting simple things.

    the weight fell off an i got into better habits without relising it

  2. Ale B said :

    well eating healthy and STICKING to it works. walking and running helps. make sure u have a plan and stick to it. like at 9:30 run for 30 min and stick to it. make it every day. just make your self a schedule for each day, and make sure you plan out what your going to eat for the week.
    just make a schedule and stick to it, and you should start seeing the weight loss depending how hard your work outs each day are, good luck worked for me, not easy but worked.

    also i was on the south beach diet while working out each day on my schedule. very hard diet but works great!!

    good luck any questions ask me
    Ale B.

  3. pick me! said :

    strt walking which will eventually become walking/jogging which will eventually become running

  4. The Meridian Star said :

    To lose weight, you have to incorporate a few changes in your life, and they have to be constant.

    The 1st things you want to do is to change you eating habits. I know it is hard to pull back but you MUST make the change. Diet is the first and most important thing in losing weight. Even if you are not exercising, eating healthy will still result in weight loss.

    You should focus on lean meats such as tuna, grilled chicken, and turkey. This should replace your beef and pork! Also, yo u want to focus on good carbs such as fruits and vegetables, whenever you want a snack or get hungry during the day, fruit should be eaten instead of junk!! Brown bread and rice can be consumed in moderation, but try to avoid as much starchy carbs such as white bread and snack cakes. Try eating granola bars instead for fiber.

    Exercise is another key, as it furthers weight loss and promotes a healthy body!! You need to try to get some type of cardio workout for at least 4-5 days a week for about 30 mins, then start increasing your time as you become advanced.

    The formula for weight loss is relatively simple; healthy diet + exercise = weight loss! The main key is that you have to make up in your mind that you are going to dedicate yourself to doing this and not give up! It will weeks and even months to lose this type of weight, as this is what is probably took for you to gain it also. Stick with this can you will definitely be successful!!

    I have spoken! EZ

  5. sarah b said :

    hi i lost 5ibs in 2 weeks just by using a wii balance board i eat 3 meals a day and at the right times breakfast 8am dinner between 12 and 1pm and tea at 5pm i never av a late night snack i drink 2 small bottles of water and gradually increased and i do 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 minutes in the evening on the wii balance board and it really does work oh and the meals have to be small not big meals i used to eat takeaways every friday and saturday i was a huge eater so i cut it all out and another thing i cut out was tea i only drink 1 cup in the morning it is the boxing that makes a good workout on the wii fit and i never knew wot yoga was before so when i brought my wii fit i tried the yoga and i love it its a great workout and my balance has improved so much and my posture i thought the wii fit was another scam but its not it really does work


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