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Can i continue to lose weight after the Lemonade diet?

Ok so i am 17 and i am 5’4 and i weigh 160 pounds. I am planning to start the lemonade diet which says that i am not allowed to eat for about 10 days. Many people say that this gives excellent results and they feel energized. They also lost weight instantly but i heard you gain weight right back. Is there some way i can continue to lose weight even after i stop the lemonade diet? like say double up on my cardio work?
**Please no silly answers!

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9 Responses to “Can i continue to lose weight after the Lemonade diet?”

  1. tara g said :

    This diet is total BS and you should not do it. Not eat for 10 days? Get real. Your body needs food! You may lose weight at first but you will definitely gain it back because not eating will make your metabolism completely slow down and 10 days will be detrimental for that.

  2. Cj said :

    this sounds ridiculous and really bad for your body! i would far rather by healthy then skinny

  3. Sarah said :

    slowly go back to eating normally, eat really healthily, keep exercising…just do harder work outs – just don’t overdue it.

  4. Medic said :

    The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to lose weight gradually with cardio and a balanced diet. Those crash diets are effective while you are on them and the weight come right back.

  5. Zoe said :

    Consider this:
    My friend=12 5’0 and 140lbs.
    All that weight= muscle
    Maybe that weight is muscle?

  6. piglet =) said :

    10 days??

    10 days without food… im quite sure you’ll faint, giddy and all weak. trust me on that. maybe do the diet in short intervals.. like every 2 days, treat urself to a good meal or something. please dont torture urself like that… dieting isnt abt torturing urself…! its abt making healthy changes to ur lifestyle!!

  7. JAmes K said :

    If you’re looking to lose weight, then before you get suckered into any fad diets, diet pills schemes or any of the gimmicks, I highly recommend you download the free guide at

    It shows you the healthiest and quickest way to get thin (and how to easily maintain that weight). The book is 100% free and is a big eye-opener to you if you’re looking to drop some pounds.

    The book is 100% free – you just type your name and email in to the site to download it.

  8. John S said :

    I did the Lemonade Diet with good results. If you aren’t going to eat a strict diet after coming off the Lemonade Diet, I would recommend using a detox/cleansing program called POMClear. I blogged about my experience at:
    The best part was, I didn’t change a thing about my food intake during the time I was taking it. Once you’re off the Lemonade Diet, this should help you to continue losing weight even if you go back to your old eating habits. I wish you success on your program.

  9. Scott O said :

    proactol ( works way better than the lemonade diet IMO. Actually, my aunt tried the lemonade diet a while ago, and she ended up feeling like crap for months after. For some reason it just did not sit well with her, and I personally wouldn’t risk it.


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