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Can anyone help me lose stomach fat and fast?

My fiancée is coming back from Iraq sooner then originally thought. Sine he;s been gone i kinda let myself go a little and i want to be the same hot chick from when he left .

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5 Responses to “Can anyone help me lose stomach fat and fast?”

  1. Kim S said :

    crunches!!! Do a few hundred every day

  2. Rajesh said :

    To loose stomach fat avoid meal and put on fruits and green veg

  3. Eccentric said :

    1) Cook your food without any food oil try to use boiled/steamed vegetables, meat, and lot of salad. U can eat fruits too and boiled/steamed chicken or red meat too but no pork.
    2) Potato is strictly forbidden during this diet
    3) Don’t eat any type of junk food.
    4) Drink at least 3 ltr of water daily. Make ur habit to drink water as much as u can
    6) use brown bread
    7) use skimmed and low fat milk and yogurt
    8) no sugar of any type.
    9) First try to avoid any type of soft drink but if u really wants to taste some thing sweet then drink diet pepsi if u like, but just one glass once in a week.
    10)U can eat vegetable soap too as much as u can but no corn flour in it.
    11) if u feel hungry then divide ur diet into 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only)
    12) one bowl of oatmeal can be taken as a break fast
    13) At least take this diet for 3 to 6 months and when u feel that u have achieved your desired weight then make ur eating life style as told above but occasionally u can take other junk food too.

    The best indoor exercise machine is tread mill. Run on tread mill for at least 30 mntns daily. and try to extend ur period for one hour.

  4. Formerly Flabby said :

    Exercise alone and diet alone do not work. Also what works for Men does not necessarily work for women. I finally found something that works at

  5. Android Apps said :

    I like Your Article about Can anyone help me lose stomach fat and fast? Perfect just what I was looking for! .


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