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Can any one help me here and tell me about capsiplex red-hot pepper slimming pills?

Does any one here tried it so can tell me about the result?
Excuse me I appreciate each one advice and words but I don’t need to be told about how wrong to use slimming pills, I only curious about how great these pills are and how does it work with celebrities!
Thank you 🙂

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3 Responses to “Can any one help me here and tell me about capsiplex red-hot pepper slimming pills?”

  1. jms043 said :

    The chemical in hot peppers can give you the runs, which gives you a quick weight loss. When you eat again, you will put it back on.
    Stay away from quick and easy, it never works.

  2. oldtimekid2 said :

    It’s got a good idea that it’s based on, but I would be very cautious about buying it. I did a search for it on Yahoo and I found several sales websites that had it listed, but none of them listed the exact ingredients… the most I could find was “Red hot chilis or capsicum extracts are the main ingredients while it also has small amount of caffeine.” The other concerning factor was that most of the websites were offering free trials, which are just screaming red flags for potential fraud.

    Capsicum does help to boost the metabolism, but it also can cause major heartburn in higher doses (or worse depending on your sensitivity to it). If you can handle hot peppers, you could try it, but I would avoid buying it online and get it from a store that you trust because of all the red flags on these sales websites. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  3. Don said :

    Capsiplex works as a fat burner to speed up you metabolism and help you burn more calories. But whether it can live up to the celebrity hype is questionable, I mean celebs such as Britney and J.Lo hardly need to lose weight in the first place! Capsiplex is not FDA approved as a weight loss supplement either.


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