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California on December 17th!?

Alright: I am leaving for California on December 18th. I really want to look good in shorts and short sleeve shirts. How do I quickly loose alittle weight, and “tighten up” just alittle bit too look good in a swimming suit?
oops, I just realized that i put 17th- its 18th!

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2 Responses to “California on December 17th!?”

  1. Irene C said :

    We are going to Cancun on December 16th. So my plan is to visit YMCA fitness center (or any other sport places) everyday for two hours until the day you go for vacation. Do aerobics and some spot reducing exercises to tighten your muscles. Also don’t eat anything after 6 pm. And during the day try to eat healthy food (don’t skip breakfast – cereal with 2% milk or eggs are the best breakfast), NO SWEETS or other junk food. Drink more H2O. Not your life style? Try to stick to it for a week before you go if you want to look pretty and slim.

  2. Yarr Yarrington said :

    Um, not really related, but we do have weather here too. I’m in one of the warmer/tourstier parts of the state and it’s been in the low fifties here (and rainy). Just pointing that out – if that’s shorts and short sleeve weather to you, more power to you.

    To be slightly on topic: cardio is good, especially running or walking. These burn fat really well, and will also tone your legs. Plank pose or sit ups/crunches will strengthen your abs, which will help you hold yourself properly (which will give the illusion of a more toned body). If you can, walk or run a little bit every day – or most days, at least. On the first day, do it until you are not-quite exhausted, and use that as a baseline to improve upon. Make sure to stretch before and after doing your cardio. Do sit-ups and crunches before bed. Above all, start small and do stuff you can probably keep up for at least a week or so. Um, drink lots of water. All that stuff


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