bulimic needs weigth loss advice?

I have been bulimic on and off since i were 14 I am now 19,

I need some advice on how to loose weight quickly, I stopped throwung up about 7 months ago and in that time i have gone from a uk size 10 to a huge 16 (they are even tight on me)
in weight from 51 kg to 89

I cant seem to stop the binging can anyone offer any advice on weight loss. except the obvious stop binging

I eat pretty healthy except when i binge which can be as much as 4 times a week

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9 Responses to “bulimic needs weigth loss advice?”

  1. Jake D. said:


  2. princezz said:

    Get some proffesional help…we are not pros on YA! Good luck!

  3. Crysta said:

    Well if you want to lose weight fast do not eat any carbs.. This is bad for you in the long run but so is binging. I lost 20 in like 14 days from taking all the sugar out of my diet, including fruits. Then after 2 weeks start having around 20 carbs a day but watch out they will hurt your stomach after getting them out of your system. Good luck and hope all goes well with you

  4. Johter said:

    A little exercise with healthy diet is the only thing you need. Eat less calories than you burn. But the most important key is actually exercising and eating healthy for 4 weeks and then starting to see results. Dont get lazy and quit. This is the REAl way to lose weight.

  5. sweetgurllexi said:

    you need to gain control of your cravings, and eat healthy all of the time. vistit http://www.lexiwinder.isagenix.com and watch the are you toxic video. You will learn why, although we are trying, we still gain weight, and a good healthy, safe, fast way to gain control of your health and weight. You can e-mail me if you have any questions.

  6. Jay D said:

    Congratulations on not throwing up anymore. 1200 – 1500 calorie diet, exercise, 30 minutes of cardio daily and you’ll loose about 1kg per week. Eat plenty of veggies, fruit and whole grains. AVOID no carb-high protein diets, they are extremely unhealthy for your body and can result in kidney damage.

  7. Prettychick said:

    To be honest with you…THAT’S JUST DISGUSTING!!!!
    Why do you do that to yourself? If you love your body SO much that you want to ‘look better’,…then why are you trying to kill it?
    Doesn’t make sense. Point is…skinny is not always pretty.
    You have a messed up mind. You wanna look like those models that are soo skinny they almost look like skeletons? I don’t think so! SO STOP. If you stop worrying about weight then maybe you’ll lose some weight!!!!
    Maybe go to the gym to tone yourself up a bit…eat healthy..don’t over eat and make yourself throw up…that’s NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OOH by the way…this is just in case you start all over again…okay? But good job on holding on for 7 months! 🙂

  8. karebear said:

    Eat small meals all day long to stay full. I eat a banana in the morning then yougurt about 2 hours later, then a sandwich and an apple for lunch another apple or banana for snack then a lite dinner and if i’m hungry before bed I eat fruit or vegatables or rasins for a snack.
    You can’t lose weight fast its not good for your body. Your body goes into starvation mode. You have to know that your weight loss is going to take sometime and except it. Don’t drink sodas exspecially brown soda you will pack on the weight really fast. ICE!! cold water will help you lose weight because its so cold that your body burns calories to heat itself back up. Good luck!

    Giving yourself a treat is always okay. You should never limit yourself from what you can and can’t eat. Just limit the amount.

  9. Democracy is Alive! Alive! said:

    The Zone Diet is a good health kick starter that not only brings your weight down without starving or throwing up, you never, ever feel hungry. I lose about 3 to 4 (whats a pound converted to in Britain?) pounds a week.


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