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Best way to lose fat and become defined?

Bascially I’ve been working out for about awhile and seem amazing results. I am very strong and muscular now and love it. Only thing I want a little more of is definition. Most importantly my abs. I can clearly see them but I want them even more defined.

In order for this I want to lose a little stomach fat. Im 5’8 and 145 pounds so dont want to lose too much weight but would running be the most effective and quick way to obtain more defination?

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3 Responses to “Best way to lose fat and become defined?”

  1. rezcaster said :

    try running while holding your stomach, not so much that you cant breathe, do crunches in the morning,night. People over look this one but standing straight(broad_shouldered) will help

  2. sonni c said :

    The best way is to have a strict low fat diet as a modified body builder has and to super set your abs which means back to back sets no rest at all. I do 15-20 minute abs without stopping. The same goes for any muscle you want the cuts super sets, tri-sets, and giant sets work best. Especially giant sets which is more than 3 sets back to back.

    For example: Giant set for chest and back would look like this

    A set of chest presses with dumb bells
    A set of dumb bell rows
    A bench press set
    A set of lat pull downs
    A set of incline chest press with dumb bells
    A set of seated rows

    This is with no rest at all jumping from one set to the next and yes it’s intense and tough, but do you want the cuts or not?

  3. Po G said :

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