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baby fat? ways to loose it?

I am 20 years old and have a son who will be 1 on feb. 2, 2008. I weighed 120 before i became pregnant and now weigh 147. I am depressed all the time, there are times I dont want to leave the house or be loving with my fiance and it is starting to hurt our relationship. I can tell it bothers him seeing me depressed and hearing me cry. I really want to loose the weight not only for myself but also to give my fiance back the body he used to “play” with! lol anyway I would really love if you could help me with real advice on how to loose the weight quickly but saftly!

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3 Responses to “baby fat? ways to loose it?”

  1. Tabitha A said :

    well heres a tip if you decide to go on a diet do a juice or a water fast first to help cleanse your body but ask your doctor if you should loose weight and how much and if you decide to fast ask your doctor how long is safe
    i’ve done a 7 dayu fast with no bad results but you might be different

  2. Lala said :

    just be more active:
    eat ORGANIC foods, never eat processed ones (beleive it or not, they make u gain weight)
    do sit ups & push while watching TV
    take a walk, walk the dog
    && anything else u can think of
    best regards
    hope i helped — <3 ---

  3. Chloe S said :

    Just eat less sugary foods and walk as much as posible. Another thing if you stop drinking soda it will also help.


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