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Are they any foods that people should stay away from when dieting?

or is it allowed to have a bit of bad food but in very small quantities?

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11 Responses to “Are they any foods that people should stay away from when dieting?”

  1. Katie said :

    Fried food

  2. cherrys> said :

    no don’t keep making allowances for bad food well not everyday anyway.if were talking chocolate, then maybe a small bar every two weeks.remember if you keep making allowances then it will become normal and you wont be able to lose weight(if that is you aim)or become a healthy eater.hope this helps

  3. Katarina P said :

    why dont u try this……eat everything between 9 and 16 o+clock, andafter that+nothing. u will see it helps a lot

  4. ryancarlwatson said :

    big macs

  5. Large Rat said :

    Dont deny any food, just limit it, instead of a bar of chocolate just look forward to two squares and eat them slowly. If you deny you will binge. It comes easier when you see the weight coming off and you stop wanting it so much.

  6. P Shaw said :

    Reduce your intake of anything high in energy; that means fatty and sugary foods and alcohol. But don’t cut it all out because you’ll end up having massive cravings and then gorge on burgers and chocolate. Allow yourself a small treat everyday to keep the cravings at bay.

  7. rising_waves_of_mediocrity said :

    All things in moderation is the key, but while you’re actively trying to take weight off and not just maintian, stay away from empty calories i.e. regular soda and alcohol.
    Fried foods aren’t good for you and will contribute to you gaining weight, period.

  8. Georgie said :

    you can eat what you want, keeping it below about 1500 calories per day on average. but if you eat lots of fats, your 1500 cals will be eaten in no time. if you eat plenty of salads and veg, wholemeal and lean meat or fish, you will find you 1500 cals fill you up more. sometimes if youve only eaten 12 or 1300 by the end of the day its nice to have a small glass of wine (150 cals) or a couple of nice biscuits to treat yourself. but make sure you satisfy your hunger pangs before you indulge in treats.

  9. Kace P said :

    Most of the people will answer fatty foods and sweets. While it is true that the two categories can make you fat, the foods that you must avoid really depends on the type of diet program you are following. For example, if you are on a protein diet, then you should eat more of lean meats and less (if not none) of the other types of food. But basically, our body needs proteins, carbohydrates, and yes, even calories and fat. the easiest way to figure out the right amount of food intake is to follow the food pyramid. The food pyramid tells you what to eat more and what to eat less.

  10. banapples321 said :

    yes, there’s a lot.
    stay away from a bunch of sugar and fat.
    yeah i guess it’s okay to take a bit of junk food in very small quantities, but then it needs to get smaller and smaller, maybe every week or so, until you don’t eat any more junk. because eating junk will only make you want more.
    to enjoy staying healthy, maybe get some exercise while youre at it, and eat fruits and veggies- they don’t taste bad, they don’t make you gain a bunch of weight, and they give you good energy.

  11. Annie M said :

    No food should be off-limits. Officially allow yourself small portions of your favorite foods or you may end up binging whenever you see, think or smell your favorite foods.


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