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Are there any good slimming tablets on the market that are reasonably priced?

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7 Responses to “Are there any good slimming tablets on the market that are reasonably priced?”

  1. TheDonCorleone said :


  2. rugratshd said :

    No – none of them work at all – if they did there would be nother tablets/mixtures/potions/diets on the market. A proper calorie in take together with exercise is the only option

  3. Jamie said :

    Hydroxycut has worked for me. Its best with an exercise program & a controlled diet.

  4. Ferret Likes Cakes said :

    NO, there’s no such thing as a good slimming tablet and therefore none of them can be reasonably priced. Go an a diet and do some exercise instead.

  5. Conservative said :


  6. Steve G said :

    I’ve had success with Hoodia (comes from a cactus) It’s widely used, no side effects and it works. It stop you feeling hungry. There are a lot of expensive Hoodia pills out there I got mine from A friend of mine put me onto them. I can recommend it I’m a good stone lighter now.

  7. Dr Frank said :

    Oh dear someone else who hopes to find something to lose weight for them. Its not going to work I am afraid. If you want to reduce your weight a bit, this is a complex regime, that should help, I would get a pencil to write it down, in case you forget any of the intricate details.

    Currently only using the criteria ‘lose weight’ there are 8,452 questions and answers on Answers already. Mis-spell it as ‘loose weight’ and you get another 2,366! ‘Weight loss’ will add another 1,707. ‘Too fat ‘ 14,207 and ‘overweight’ 2,445 and ‘over weight’ 23,785!!!!!.

    ‘Diet Pills’ gives 572, Hoodia 185, ‘pink patch’ 106, ‘Xenical’ 82 ‘reductil’ 74, ‘Slim fast’ 208 (and Slimfast 68 ) and ‘orlistat’ 38 . Do you spot a pattern here?

    Here comes the only answer, no tricks, no pills, no short cuts, If you really want to lose weight, loose weight, not be too fat or overweight, follow these instructions carefully:-

    1) Eat less
    2) Take regular vigorous exercise

    Repeat 1+2 forever!


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