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Are ALL diet pills bad/dangerous? Are there any HEALTHY diet pills out there to HELP you lose weight?

I completely intend to eat healthily and exercise in order to lose the weight. But if there is a healthy aid I can use to help me (e.g. suppress my appetite or whatever) I might try it. I have always believed that all diet pills were all bad for you. Is this true?
No Mr Blue Sky I am not from the U.S. I just had a baby and have added some weight from that.

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8 Responses to “Are ALL diet pills bad/dangerous? Are there any HEALTHY diet pills out there to HELP you lose weight?”

  1. somechick25 said :

    Diet pills are a scam and watse of money. They cause more harm then good!

  2. matt said :

    be natural dear!

    all pills have some side effects!!

    so start working out, start exercising… burn fats !

    be safe enjoy life…


    i believe if you don’t use the food supplements then it would not be a waste of money.

    use the real ones. try ionamin and xenical.

  4. roldana said :

    juss stay away from pills and all this stuff which is a wast of money….best diet is healthy food in 4 meals breakfast lunch snack then dinner and run every day for 30 min u will b fit

  5. kavik213 said :

    no, there are no quick fixes, regardless of what TV may tell you. even the prescription stuff like phentermine do more bad then good. You got to make a lifestyle change, which means eating healthy and exercise (lots of it) Also, a lot of people forget to drink enough water, 8-12 glasses a day. it’ll help you feel satiated as well as protect your body from the stresses of strenuous activity

  6. Mr Blue Sky said :

    I surmise from the tone of your question that you are a resident of the U.S. That being the case then just eat less and don’t take the car when you visit your neighbour.

  7. chimkychink said :

    diet pills aren’t all scams. please ignore all the people who just rant and rave about it. ephedra has been clinically and scientifically proven to increase metabolism and thermogenisis of fats, most effective in a caffine and asprin stack. it was banned for a while by the FDA and is pretty hard to get hold of.
    Hydroxcut is not as good alternative, but i’ve had good results with it.
    you’ll find a lot of people who take diet pills then either think they can stuff their face or sit on their ass all day, and then complain and whinge about how they don’t work. my best advice is to try them. personally i use pharmacutecal ephadrine or hydroxycut and swear blind by either of them

  8. diet-loser said :

    Good question! It would be tough to say if there are actually healthy diet pills. If a diet pill helps you lose weight and become a healthier person, then yes, maybe there are healthy diet pills. There ARE, however dangers to diet pills when not used responsibly. A lot of people who have had bad experiences with diet pills could have saved themselves some trouble if they had just read the label on the back of the bottle or did some research online.

    Some things to consider when deciding to take a diet pill:
    1. You MUST also exercise.
    2. You MUST also eat a balanced diet.
    3. You MUST drink more water than usual (diet pills often contain diuretics which will dehydrate the body).
    4. You should consider starting with a smaller dose (1/2 a pill) to allow your body to adapt to the pill.

    Go online and read reviews for diet pills. Here for example:

    Be careful, cautious, and do your homework.


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