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Anybody know how to lose stomach fat?

My stomach areas getting a bit big. I been pretty skinny before but i dont know whats happening. Any ideas how to lose it fast?

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4 Responses to “Anybody know how to lose stomach fat?”

  1. Ashley said :

    eat better, cut out junk food and soft drinks. Avoid anything with a lot of sugar

  2. Watching it all fall!!!! said :

    The first answer said it the best.

    90% of your problem will be sovled with your diet and nutrition.

  3. Eric said :

    Yep, lose fat everywhere is the answer, and the easiest way is better diet control. Doing some amount of physical activity helps

  4. Patrick Kallie said :

    If you want to lose stomach fat you will need to increase your metabolism by eating smaller meals 5 to 6 times per day.

    Ab exercises do help, but it’s better if you combine it with cardio exercises to burn even more fat.

    You just have to make small changes every day – this way when you lose your stomach fat you will be able to keep it off long term.


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