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Any workout best for losing weight on thighs?

Is there a specific sport/workout etc that is best for losing weight on your thighs?

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4 Responses to “Any workout best for losing weight on thighs?”

  1. =( ^ . ^ )= said :

    Walk or run uphill. Inclined treadmills work well.

  2. Artemis said :

    First off, you -cannot- target a certain area to lose fat from.

    Doing crunches won’t reduce fat on your stomach

    Doing things like squats, won’t remove fat from legs/butt

    You need to do cardiovascular exercise to remove body fat, and have a healthy nutrition.

    Running is one of the best forms of cardio.

  3. Natty-Lea said :

    Buy an exercise bike and use it regularly.
    Have you ever seen a cyclist with fat wobbly legs? 🙂

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