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Any way to lose weight fast?

I need major help to lose weight. The only problem is that I need to intake about 2500 calories a day because I have a blood condition, but my doctor still recommends me to lose weight. Is there a herbal concoction I can make myself to rid the calories? Anthing to make me shed these pounds quickly without pills?

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4 Responses to “Any way to lose weight fast?”

  1. gentleman said :

    this has some weight lose details and maintain your body in shape. reduce your belly sure.visit:

  2. milky said :

    I say that if you need to really lose wait, then get a membership at a fitness center, just make sure you go about 5 times a week. They help you exercise and they give you a list of foods you can eat. Or you can take the lazy way out and do what Nicole Richey does and stick your finger down your throat until you puke. but who would really want to look like Nicole Richey.

  3. werzrosn said :

    i heard that revival soy shakes or bar, at is very very helpful to loos weight “fast”

  4. phtokhos said :

    if you have a condition that requres you to intake a certain number of calories, it’s best not to try to reduce that intake. instead, just do more stuff when you workout. it can happen. you can create a calorie difficiency if you work on it. for a while, i was doing aerobics along with weight training. i was on a 8000 calorie diet and if i slipped down to say 6,500 for a day, i’d lose 1/2 a pound or so. it can be done. just work gradually into it.


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