any tips on how to lose fat quickly.?

i’m going on holiday in the middle of february.
i’m not saying i’m fat, but i’m not skinny.
i’m not happy with the way i look
i know to exercise and eat healthy and stuff, but i was wondering if anybody had any great tips for me?
also, anybody have any tips on how they avoid eating foods they shouldnt? im sure that if i stopped eating stuff like crisps etc, it would come off pretty easily. any ideas? 🙂
please don’t leave stupid answers

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4 Responses to “any tips on how to lose fat quickly.?”

  1. Lloyd B said:

    I have heard that the acai berry works wonders for people trying to lose weight quickly. There is a real cool site that I came across that explains everything. On top of that they have a special going on right now to.
    Good Luck!

  2. asuper_smile said:

    i was watching the news and they said that if you eat Grape Fruits in your everyday meals then you can easily lose weight. also eating exotic fruits from different countries can help.

  3. sim said:

    well i think you should never buy stuff that you are avoiding to eat.. that way if you dont have it in the house or somewhere near you , how are you going to eat it rite?
    thats wat i try to do.. i dont have any kind of chips/snacks/chocolates that i need to avoid and now i dont really crave for them..

  4. dtsien said:

    Control your eating – small portion but more frequent. Most important exercise to at least 1 hours a day, every day.


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