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Any suggestions for losing weight?

I am an 18 year old male and am 6 foot 1 inch tall. I currently weigh 17 stone (238 pounds). I know this is obese and I have been trying to lose weight but I’m having problems. For example I will eat just a sandwich at lunchtime and then dinner in the evening and go out for an hours jog afterwards. The problem I’m having is after doing this for a few days I weigh myself and realise I have not actually lost that much which annoys me, yet I know losing weight takes time. The next day I will then just start eating whatever I find and the whole process just starts again so I’m on a pretty much constant 17 stone cycle.

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to stop me wanting to go on an eating spree every so often? Also what is a more healthy weight for my height that I should be aiming for?

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30 Responses to “Any suggestions for losing weight?”

  1. trigger said :

    fast like nobody has ever fasted before

  2. andream034 said :

    I have found not drinking any sodas knocked off quite a bit of weight . And when I get the urge to go on an eating binge, I eat healthy stuff, carrots, fruits. It aint the candy bar but it does help the craving a bit: ) I think a healthy weight for you is 185-190? Don’t quote me on that though..

  3. Jewel said :

    Before food and whenever you feel hungry in between meals drink a glass or two of water.

    Eat more low GI foods – Oats, Oat Crackers, Oat Cakes etc.

    Reduce Fat and Sugar intake.

    Exercise More

    Weigh yourself once a week on rising (before food and after going to the toilet in the morning)

  4. Heather W said :

    Hi. Everyone’s body type and metabolism is different. For me, Michael Thurmonds 6 wek Body Makeover worked great! I lost 15 lbs. in 2 weeks. I was in a whole other sz. His secret is to eat more and lose weight. By speeding up your metabolism. For me, tuna and grilled chicken is what worked for me. I ate every 3 hrs. when on His plan. Trust me it works. Dont drink soda. It only keeps you gaining, not losing. Try the 6WBMO. You will see results really fast. I tried other diets, but none worked. When you dont eat right, your body thinks it’s starving. So when you do finally eat, your body stores it as fat! That is why starving yourself only makes it worse. Just try it. He even has a program with his set, that makes you lose a whole pant size in a weeks time. Trust me, it works.

  5. John S said :

    Do you eat any veg?
    Stop eating cheese and flapjacks.
    Stop using this excuse ‘The next day I will then just start eating whatever I find’

    Get some exercise.

    You should aim for 14 stone i reckon.

  6. Briana M said :

    no u do not need to fast. get on a regular rutien diet like plan a workout scheduale and watch wat u eat and go to the gym bout 3 days a week the puonds should be coming off in bout a month or 2

  7. uga_rocks01 said :

    hey dude, i’m sorry to say that i am in the same boat. i am a 16 year old girl who weighs…..well, lets just say too much and i go through the same rutine as you do. its like after those few days of working out, i get depressed or something so i go on an eating spree like you do. if you find some solution, could you let me know?
    thanks a bunch,

  8. mummaonthaedge said :

    Sounds to me like you’re expecting yourself to fail. Stop setting yourself short-term targets and try to decide to live a healthier life – for the rest of your life. Sounds very smug I know but if you stop worrying about tomorrows meals, decide that you will simply make more healthy choices EACH time you eat (not limiting yourself to what you’re ALLOWED to eat, maybe you’ll be happier and you certainly will be on a much healthier diet. Also, if you are punishing yourself with jogging – STOP IT! Find a sport which you enjoy and you are much more likely to stick to it.

    Good luck x

  9. blackbeauty said :

    Dont fast lol…i’ve lost 20 pounds now on my journey to lose weight. the way i did it was not by fasting…that’s crazy especially for someone that likes to eat as much as me…A LOT. what you do is try to eat half or smaller than what you would normally eat. the biggest importance that you would need to know is try to eat your biggest meal in the beggining of the day and let those meals get smaller as the day ends. also if craving something sweet…eat a banana instead..when you feel like goin on a eatign spree eat a lot of fruits..watermelons calm down my enormous appetite..i just come up some slices..have healthy food around and throw unhealthy temptations/snacks away.the most imporatnat of all is way yourself only once a week/like every sunday or something. aim for 2 pounds weight loss or more a week.being that you weigh more than me u will be surprised to c that u’ll probably lose like 4 pounds the fisrt week by follwoing da simple steps aboce…never starve yourslef!!.ladies like men that are not anorexic lol!!!

  10. Victoria K said :

    Don’t feel bad, this is a very common cycle that you are in. Change your expectations and make small goals for yourself. Let these goals focus on health, not weight loss. Decide that you are going to eat 2 pieces of fruit for day, for example. Decide that you will only have fried foods as a treat. Decide that you will use more whole grain products. I don’t know what your specific weaknesses are in terms of food, but never completely deny yourself anything (such as desert). Always eat breakfast and eat at least 3 meals each day with small healthy snacks in between. Get some exercise everyday, even if it is an informal 30 minute walk.

    I am a physician and I watch my boyfriend who has trouble with his weight. He’s a binge eater and he is always looking for a quick fix in a crash diet and it never works. Studies actually show that no diet, no matter what the gimmick, works in the long run (other than increasing exercise and decreasing calories). Take the long boring way, lose 2 pounds per week and after 6 months you’ve lost 25 pounds. These 25 lbs will likely be shed for good. If you choose a crash diet I guarantee you that after 6 months you will have lost nothing, or perhaps you will have gained some. The trick is to learn better eatting habits.

  11. MattH said :

    Try this book:

    The Food Doctor Diet by Ian Marber

    My gf was very happy with the results.

  12. Daniel M said :

    Stop eating junk food, exercise more, maybe get a therapist or doctor to look into the reasons you ate so much to gain the weight =] I am 6ft 6 and weight 12st, so for you, you should be weighing around 11st i would say. Work out your BMI. BBC has a good website for that…

  13. RomeoMike said :

    Ha mate lay off the fish and chips. If you want to lose weight first go to there you enter any food you are planning on eating. Keep a food diary and list everything you eat, then look it up on the database. Your body burns 11 calories per pound as long as you keep breathing if you eat more than that you body saves it and when you get 3500 extra calories in your account you gain a pound. Forget the exercise until you get a handle on controlling your intake. Eat raw vegetables daily they help clean the gunk out of your system. If your having weight problems at 18 what are you going to do at 40 when your system burns even less calories. Knowing what and how much you eat is more important than the exercise. Exercise is good and should be done to keep the body health but it is not a weight control tool. One other thing stay away from foods with white flour and white sugar added. They both make you hungry and a bit tired in a couple of hours after eating. So have a pint and a bag of pork scratchens and think about it.

  14. cultivate_compassion said :

    Try Weight Watchers for the emotional support and motivation to lose weight. It’s the only thing that ever worked for me, but you have to keep going, even when you reach your target weight. Good luck!

  15. in_agony said :

    Well I’m a female and I just recently got real about losing weight (180 lbs was my topped out weight) and I lost 15 lbs within the past 2 months. I would have to say running is the best way to get rid of it as you are doing but you have to eat healthier stuff (no fast food period). For men I’ve heard they lose weight really fast if they cut down on how much bread they eat and you drink only water or flavored water (i prefer the flavored) and don’t drink any soda or anything with sugar in it (read the label if it says grams of sugar move on). Sugar turns to fat almost instantly. Cut back on your calories and sugar. Everything you buy yourself look simply at the calories and the grams of sugar (the lower the better). a whole meal shouldn’t be over 300-350 calories so if it’s over that then you know this is not a good item for you. But have common sense about it if it’s fried it’s not going to be good for you. One thing that might work for you is eating 6 times a day but you eat like a healthy breakfast, mid morning snack (yogurt, or handful of almonds, or fruit), lunch, midafternoon snack (read above for examples), dinner, evening snack. Trainers recommend this to jump start your metabolism and keep it going 24/7 so that you’re also using up calories while you sleep. Your metabolism is like a furnace – you keep feeding it a little at a time throughout the day and it keeps burning consistantly, if you only feed it big meals 3 times a day it becomes this all at once type of thing where it works real hard then stops then works real hard and stops and that’s why it’s often hard to get going in the morning energy wise. Coincidently for every muscle you develop it eats up 50 calories a day by itself. This is the way we’re actually supposed to eat not the 3 times a day we were brought up with.

    There isn’t any way to stop this other than to develop willpower, you have to get mad at yourself and say I’m not doing this anymore I’m fed up with myself. This took a while to get on and it’s going to take a while to get off and if nothing else I’m going to jog today just to get out and enjoy the day and feel good that I did something instead of sitting home. You have to think of it as a change in living habits not just to lose weight. You’re doing this to get out and get active and feel better that today was a productive day you got out there and you did something towards making you feel better as a person not better as in losing weight but that you were productive. After a while you’ll notice you feel more positive and your personality will change to be more positive and along with it will come the weight loss and you’ll notice it when you least expect it. God Bless and good luck! xxxxx 🙂

  16. clanga123 said :

    eat less, move more

  17. LoLo said :

    Well, thank god your 6ft 1.

    Will power is the name of the game. Just remember no-one can do this for you. Your on the right track. But what ever you do it’s about control. Controlling ones-self and controlling our habits. You can do this..

    Good luck!

  18. yo said :


  19. lucyenyc said :

    You’ll need to eat about 2000 cals per day, eat 5 of your fruit and veg a day and keep up the exersise. The weight will come off. Good luck

  20. Toni R said :

    Try a weigh loss plan… like weight watchers, It teachers you how to eat, move and thin healthly…. and if you stick to it for a while (untill yu have met your goal) you will have the eating habits for life. trust me… it really works…

  21. goldylocks said :

    eat 3 meals a day and try walking everywhere. try to cut out white bread and snacks if you feel hungry have a drink of water and or some fruit. try for a week or two and you’ll start to see a difference. ..
    ( it worked for me i lost 23lbs in 3 months)
    GOOD LUCK ……….x

  22. Victor said :

    Many of these answers are good. I add just one caution: be careful how you choose the fruit and veg you eat in greater quantities. Select those that are high in water and fibre – not in starch or sugar. For example lychees contain as much sugar as a Mars bar. Bananas are as starchy as corn chips. Potatoes are even more starchy than bananas and the same is true of many root vegetables such as sweet potato, swede and beet. Peas, beans and all pulses are also high in starch.

    For weight loss and general good health, the “best” vegetables have green leaves. The best fruits are those with lots of juice but go easy with oranges and pineapples – they are also high in sugar.

  23. pinkbullet said :

    run, diet

  24. PEARLA said :

    Nutritionists have a table for what is the ideal weight for a particular height at a certain age. So go look for it in the net. But as to losing weight, you must have a very strong willpower/determination, and keep to your goal of attaining the weight ideal for your height and age. You’re still young, so it’s not hopeless. Just stick to your goal, never for one second waver — more so if being overweight is in the family’s genes — and in the end, you’ll really relish the great joy of victory. Remember, the key is DETERMINATION !

  25. Kyle R said :

    lol healthy weight.. hmm well my dad is 5’8 and 245 and he’s not fat. Well in your case judging your not muscular i would say 180-215. Depending on your bone structure and muscle mass.

  26. RONALD C said :

    I also have problems with my weight, i found that by exercising the weight came off slowly. which was why i got bored, I found that getting a hobbie stoped me thinking about food and gave me something els to focus on. also i recon 15stone would be a good weight to aim for with out putting to much pressure on yourself, good luck

  27. karina said :

    I lost 56 pounds 15 years ago and neva put it on again. Wot i did, was put a foto of myself lookin my worst, (in a bikini at 13 stone and five foot one!) I let it all hang out and made it look as bad as i cud and placed it on my fridge and a copy on my food cupboards. Then i gave up as much fats as poss, but gave myself a treat everyweek, wether it was a bottle of wine, a cadburys cream egg or less often a chinese. If you feel its forbidden you just want it more, so dont deny y’self. It takes effort, but if you go wrong one day, its not a failure, just a bad day, and start from fresh the next morning as you look at that foto of yourself on the fridge. Try cycling rather than jogging at first its kinder to an unfit body.
    I also went out and bought myself some expensive clothes in the size i wanted to be, hung them on my wardobe door..and yes.. finally i got into them… wot a feelin.. keep with it..
    Id say about 13/14 stone would be good..and keep low cal munchies around so wen you feel the need for eating, usually thru boredom, so find sommat else to do too,then it wont be adding to your despair? Good luck.. truly if i can do it, you can too.. you just got to want to!!

  28. jimbob s said :

    maybe join the local gym, do a little more exercise.
    and eat low fat foods. good luck 🙂

  29. KEN R said :

    Ask La Lump.

  30. Erica Roope said :

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