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Any small tips that will help me lose weight fast?

I am 13 I want to get down to 105 before May(thats 10 pounds) are there any tips that could help me besides eating right and exersizing…I mean like drinking lots of water, walking on my toes ect.

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11 Responses to “Any small tips that will help me lose weight fast?”

  1. mypalnow2 said :


  2. sweetie1121 said :

    i went to medical weight loss clinic and lost 26lbs in 4 weeks, it was a calorie diet, no salt no pork no sweets good luck

  3. Pitt said :

    Drink a lot of water. Eat slowly, you will not eat as much. Excercise in the morning, you burn more fat since it’s usually been 6-12 hours since you last ate.

    Walking on your toes sounds like a good way to break an ankle.

  4. chowie204 said :

    you dont need to lose weight. 🙂

  5. helplessromatic2000 said :

    Try not to eat anything after 7pm. That really really helps. Also, never skip breakfast, not matter how small it is. Finally, try eating smaller meals more frequently in the day. This will help your metabolism and curb cravings.

  6. Robin said :

    You should not diet your age is not appropriate.
    Right now is a critical time in your bodies development, let your body find itself and when you are 18 start reevaluating your diet and excessive routine. Please take care of yourself, you need to love your body.

  7. phoenix said :

    at 13 you really shouldn’t be concerned about losing weight. you are still growing and developing a whole crap load of things and your body needs all the fuel at it’s disposal in order to carry out all those changes.

  8. my_profile_is_named_sunshine said :

    Lets see now it is at least four months until May.So you dont have to be in such a hurry.You should be able to lose ten pounds in four months just by doing what you said eating right and exercising.Also drinking lots of water will help.

  9. Patti C said :

    Okay… take a deep breath, and actually read what I’m writing, even though it is not what you want to hear.

    13 year olds should not be dieting for 10 pounds. It’s not because I’m an evil adult who wants to keep you from being happy, it’s because you are still growing, and a diet now can have serious long-term effects that will change your relationship with food and weight in a bad way for the next 50 years (or so). A diet at your age (when your body needs a TON of calories – more than an adult), can cause you to gain weight more easily as an adult, stunt your growth, and cause permanent changes to your metabolism. 10 pounds is NOTHING when you are in puberty… it could just be your body gearing up for a growth spurt. You did not mention what your height is, and that can be a HUGE factor in determining how much you should weigh.

    Meanwhile, concentrate on healthy habits – eating right (food pyramid link below), and regular exercise. If you still think you need to lose weight, see your doctor, and (s)he will get you in touch with trained professionals who are experts in teenage physiology.

  10. Jenny T said :

    At 13 you really should nto be worrying about weight..I would worry more about eating disorders.bulimia rots your teeth as the bile from your stomach from those teens and women who throw up their food takes the enamel away and they get black teeth that rot away so dont ever try that!! The best way is to eat healthy foods and steer clear of the ships and other carbs that pack on the pounds. protein is good for you. Tuna fish,eggs,nuts and cheddar cheese and fruit is great. Yogurt in the morning for breakfast helps you lose weight throughout the day without starving yourself. You are still growing though until age 15 for girls so you should not go on any diets and if you do you should really check with a doctor who can advise you better then anyone here including myself. I lost 70lbs a year ago after my 4th child was born and did it by cutting calories, as in I did not go over 1200 calories a day and I lost it fast but I do not recommend that for someone your age. Love your body sweetie everyone is different and everyone is beautiful in their own way. I have 3 daughters by the way and one is your age and she is slightly overweight (does not sound like you are though) and I tell her the same thing……love yourself and everyone else will! Confidence is what it is all about….

  11. D-a said :


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