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Any Problems with Stopping Smoking While On Lamictal?

I’m having surgery and have been told by the surgeon to stop smoking. The nicotine will affect the success of the bone grafts. I’ve also been told there may be problems with abrupt smoking cessation on blood levels of the Lamictal and the way my liver will process it.
Any advice would be appreciated…thank you

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One Response to “Any Problems with Stopping Smoking While On Lamictal?”

  1. me said :

    Boy, this is a tough question. You don’t say how long till your surgery, which is the critical information. The priority here is the complete success of the bone grafts. Quitting nicotine will help this. If you’ve been a smoker for a while, a week or two of nicotine patches would help. You may want to cut down on the Lamictal. I have just weaned off it by going from 400mg. a day to 200 mg. with no outward signs. After a week of this I cut down to 100 mg. a day with no effects. Then 50mg. then none.
    Now I am not a doctor and these are just my best guesses, but you might pickup more information if you put Lamictal in a search bar of the web. You will come up with quite a few sites by professionals which may give you a clue as to how to proceed. Like RX List.
    Curiosity gets the better of me here. Is the reason you’re on Lamictal responsible for your needing bone grafts in the first place?
    Ps. I’m a long time smoker, Lamictally inclined, and had to have my eye socket replaced after a bipolar accident.


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