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Any low-carb recipes you have actually used?

I am looking for some low carb recipes for hearty meals. I do low carb but my boyfriend doesn’t. It’s hard to make meals that both he can enjoy and I can eat. I’m looking for hearty recipes that won’t make him feel like he’s missing out on something.

I have recipes books and have pulled the websites, but am looking for some actual recipes that you have tried and made yourself that worked out well. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Any low-carb recipes you have actually used?”

  1. AvidBeerDrinker said :

    ok… this one you should be able to find someplace… it is meatloaf but instead of bread crumbs it uses smashed up pork rinds… I absolutely love that stuff… so much that even when I am not doing low carb I still ask the wife to make it…

  2. ChefCarl said :

    Try Chicken Kiev. Take a boneless, skinless chicken breast, roll it out and give it a little light pounding with a meat mallet. Make a nice garlic butter with softened butter, garlic puree, salt, pepper, parsley and chives. Place a good sizes dollop of butter in the centre of the chicken, roll it up, tuck in the ends, season the top with some mixed spices of your choice and place into a preheated 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Serve with some low carb veggies like sauteed mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, green beans or asparagus. Make a little mashed potatoes and let your boyfriend have those, you just get more veg.

    Total carb count (assuming about an 8 oz piece of chicken and cup and a half of veggies), about 8g per serving….

  3. cindy loo said :

    cauliflower mash
    cook a head of cauliflower and drain completely.
    mash w/potato masher and a stick of butter.
    next add shredded chedder to ur liking, mash some more,
    add toppings: sour cream,bacon,scallions or nothing at all.
    delicious and can be served with any style meat.

    omlet with ham, asparagus and swiss.

    corned beef anf cabbage no potatoes

  4. Celtic Tejas said :

    I do a Low Carb diet because I am allergic to most grains. I’ve had allot of practice balancing my spouses need to my diet. ANY Low Carb meal can have a side of Carbs added. I do up rice in my rice cooker & put in fridge to add to a meal, or bake him a patato, steam some fresh corn. It adds very little time to do this.
    Yes there are some great low things like the Cauliflower dish, but he may just need something simpler like a patato.

  5. Celtic MaMa said :

    Here is another “Mashed cauliflower” version. Steam fresh, or frozen cauliflower until soft. Drain very well. I put it in the blender, and pulse until very smooth. Take 1/2 of a package of dry Ranch dressing mix, and blend into 1/2 C sour cream, or yogurt, with freshly ground black pepper. Add to cauliflower. Sometimes I put this into a casserole and bake it to make like a twice baked potato casserole. Delicious!


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