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any ideas how to get my dog to shead some “puppy pounds”??

i have a young dog i got it a yr. ago and hes gained some weight. anyone have any ideas to grt him to loose weight quickly but safely? i need advice!

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7 Responses to “any ideas how to get my dog to shead some “puppy pounds”??”

  1. jenkins_missy said :

    they have diet doggy food and maybe play with him more like take him or her on walks or to the park.

  2. mysterywords123 said :

    feed it less give it exercise get it to stop being lazy if it is or take it to the doctor so he/she can tell u wat to do about it. U can also give it a different food that requires u to feed it less. U could also get a tell how book to help you. That always semms to help me when i need it

  3. jmaples30 said :

    Take him for walks –daily. Also, ask your vet. I recently got a rescue dog –very overweight. My vet put her on a dog food called r/d only 1/2 a cup a day and it’s working!! Of course you might want to check with your vet to make sure nothing medical is causing the dog to be gaining weight.

  4. rubytoosday said :

    Well in the puppy stage they do put on weight but just wait a while. They had alot on energy it will come off fast in time.

  5. Angel said :

    Take him on atleast one walk a day…it will also give you exercise …kill two birds with one stone!

  6. dogsmyjob said :

    simple math – feed less calories than he burns up. I usually have my clients start by feeding their regular pet food (should be on adult food by now), by 1/3 – if you are feeding 1 cup twice a day, feed 2/3 of a cup twice a day instead. Also, add a daily walk. Remember, just like people, it’s best that your pet lose the weight more slowly. a year is a good goal to get back to a good weight. A good weight for your pet – he should look very skinny to you – should have a waist line – it should go in behind his ribs, you should see a good tuck to his abdomen. OH – and no treats! If you absolutely HAVE to give a treat – give bits of carrot, banana, or icecubes. If your pet hasn’t lost a pound or 3 in a month, consider getting him tested for hypothyroidism (a hormonal imbalance that will decrease his metabolism). IT’s a simple thing to treat for and will help him tremendously if he has this problem! Good Luck, and STAY STRONG!

  7. chewmonster said :

    Exercise, exercise, exercise! You’d be amazed what an extra play session can do!

    As others have noted, they do make weight loss formula kibble for dogs. If your dog doesn’t find it appetizing, consider adding a low calorie filler. Just reduce the amount of your pooch’s regular kibble, and fill it with a substitute. Believe it or not, most dogs love canned green beans! They’re cheap, healthy, and require little to no effort. Others mix in plain white rice, though it requires more prep. Good luck!


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