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Any good plans to lose weight fast?

hi, I am 14 139 pounds and i think i am 5,4 or 5,5 ft tall. i need a good diet plan, and a really painful good exercising plan too. Any help from any people who had lost a lot of weight really fast? because i’m trying to lose weight by when my friends come from outta town, and it’s not till like around june, and sport seasons. So yea any good diet plans or exercising plans?

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3 Responses to “Any good plans to lose weight fast?”

  1. Kerry M said :

    to successfully lose weight and keep it off, takes time. no one can ensure that you will lose it quickly without gaining it all back. being a teenager like myself, its easier to lose weight, but its boring and unmotivating. i use my blog to keep track of what i eat and when i exercise:
    here you will find my diet and exercise plan. check it out!

  2. BIGDODGERS said :

    crack cocaine does the trick. im just joking!!!! try jogging and for every 30 seconds drop and do ten push-ups. i lost it fast that way.

  3. KAiT said :

    Go to and log your food intake, it will tell you how many calories are in everything. It also has a lot of good information and you can join groups for support.

    You can also log your activity and see how many calories you have burned in a day.

    Try getting some DVDs with cardio and strength training.

    If you don’t want to buy DVDs or can’t use them, get a hula hoop or jump rope, walk/jog, or dance.

    Cut out all sweets/candy, white bread, fried foods, whole milk (use skim instead), and soda pop.

    Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


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