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any advice on how to lose stomach fat?

im 5’6 and i weigh 125…. thats normal for me, but my stomach looks like im a little over weight. how do i lose stomach fat fast, with out diet pills.
i would like to have a slim stomach in a month, any advice?

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12 Responses to “any advice on how to lose stomach fat?”

  1. wweakaqnt said :
  2. Taylor<3 said :

    do some sit ups or try a bow flex

  3. ANG said :

    work out your abs with crunchers, leg lifts and sit ups, get a ball like i kids ball big enough to lay back on and do crunchers like that you’ll feel the burn and with a burn at 125 it shouldn’t take much to get rid of some belly fat

  4. Nick said :

    believe it or not peanut butter has been proven to flatten your stomach, also some daily cardio using interval training about 20-30 min should get rid of the belly flab

  5. Rose said :

    Yes, while working out you can wear reshaping garments to help you lose weight easily without surgery or pills.

    Go to and you’ll see some stuff there.

  6. Henke the destroyer said :

    your gonna hate to hear it, but nutrition, and exercise.
    you cant lose bodyfat in a specific area no matter what infomercials say.
    bodyfat some people store more fat in certain spots, the belly is the first to come and last to go away on most people.
    nutrition and exercise 😉

  7. you're only hurting yourself said :

    The only way I have really seen results is by mixing strength training with cardio. Also, watching what you eat helps too.
    In order to get a great cardio workout, you have to get your heart rate up, at about 150 bpm and keep it there for 30 minutes, three times a week. So running, biking, rollerblading, jumping rope…anything to get that heart beating!
    Strength training like ab workouts, simple free weight exercises, and planks can help. Your entire body needs go get in shape, then the results will come.
    I’m 5’6 and 130. My stomach looks pretty good. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat! 🙂

  8. jose said :

    Do lots of cardio, like running at different altitudes and different speeds. Also try jumping rope and going on a diet plan.

  9. Marie said :

    You can’t just lose stomach fat, which is spot reduction. It is a myth and you can read more about it on

    Basically do cardio and eat less if you want to lose weight.

  10. Manjunath J said :

    It easy you can get it in one month. I am not sure what type of diet you are following currently, take 6 small meals per day and make sure every meal contains good protein and fiber contents, exercise in regurlar basis. Always choose floor exercises rather than machine exercises. Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of cold water per day, your body automatically burns more calories to bring that cold water into your body temperature. You can Get very much useful information regarding this on my blog. If you can spare little time visit my blog, I hope this information will help you a reaching your goal.

    Manjunath J.R
    Reebok Certified Fitness Coach

  11. be the change. * said :

    You simply can’t just lose weight in one area. If you go a diet, you’ll lose weight everywhere, NOT just your stomach.

    Exercise a couple times a week, cardio is really great! You can get cardio videos at Youtube or at the Video rentals. Also, eat less calories. Don’t over do it though, or your body will not be used to it, and gain weight. Good luck! (:

  12. nicola said :

    i just had a baby and used to be a size 8 i am now a size 10-12 and has a lotof belly fat i am 5ft 1 and 11 stone 8 which means i am 2 stone over weight.I know i could go on a diet but just dont know what food to eat and what excersize i should do ? Thanks


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