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am i fat? how can i lose belly fat fast?

im 12
5′ 3″
i weigh 131 pounds
and i have a 36 inch waist

is that bad? i want to lose belly fat but nothing has worked, my mom constantly calls me fat and tells me i will be a fatty if i dont lose alot weight. i have skipped meals and gone on diets but i dont know what else to do. please help.

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2 Responses to “am i fat? how can i lose belly fat fast?”

  1. McRapeyou said :

    Okay so, it sounds like your moms a bitch, no offense but still, mothers are suppose to be caring, not calling you fat. don’t skip meals, if you do, it will store as fat since it doesn’t know when it will get to eat again…something around hibernation. first eat lower portions, it will decrease the size of your stomach, there for not eating as much calories, Then, go for jogs and be more active. you shouldn’t just rush through it, its a slow process, but in the end, its worth it. Working at it, but not too hard, not too easy, will keep you on the rode to success. i hope you consider this! Bye :D!

  2. Juice said :

    There is a Calorie calculate programe
    Healthy Weight Range Calculator
    – Healthy life every day!


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