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Am I fat and how do I lose weight fast?

So I am 12 years old, i’m about to go into 7th grade. When school started, I was 119 pounds and I felt really fat. Then, I lost 4 pounds and I felt a bit better and now, I’m 121 pounds.. i’ve been lazy, just sitting in front of my computer all day. By the way, i’m 5’2. School starts August 20th and I want to lose weight REALLY FAST. IS there any way I can lose weight in 18 days REALLY quickly?? Food ideas that burn calories or maybe make my metabolism higher? Any exercising ideas?

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13 Responses to “Am I fat and how do I lose weight fast?”

  1. Kate G said :

    run,swim ur just in middle skool dont worry about ur weight

  2. liddy said :

    you’re only 12 so you shouldn’t worry about it, but if i really bothers you then start going for jogs or runs after school or before breakfast. also at night you could do some squats and sit-ups cos before you go to bed and when you just wake up are the best times for exercising. whatever you do though don’t start going on diets or anything stupid like that, you’re still growing and if you don’t eat properly you can do yourself serious damage. people who starve themselves are not clever so don’t go down that route.

  3. Torri said :

    Its really difficult to lose weight “FAST” but what I do is usually this:

    20-30 min of cardio (jogging, dancing, ect)
    20-40 min of muscle strengthing.
    Do this 5 times a week.
    Really watch what you eat too. You dont have to count calories if you dont want to, just be very self conscious and write everything down.

    The work outs I do are by: Gunnar Peterson, Zumba, Hip Hop Abs and tredmill. Hope this helps, and goodluck 🙂

  4. C-Ray said :

    first off that doesn’t seen very fat but if you are uncomfortable then you should just exercise for at least an hour a day. like a real workout that makes you sweat and makes your heartbeat speed up. then eat smaller portions and eat lots of raw fruits/vegetables. i know that apples and celery are negative calories so fill up on those. and most inportantly drink TONS or water. its so good for you and it fills you up.

    good luck

  5. jellybaby said :

    i know you don’t want this but i don’t really think you need to lose weight. it sounds like you are the perfect weight

    however, if you really wanna lose weight (i wouldn’t recommend more than 10lbs) then make sure you do lots of cardio exercise like jogging, walking, cycling and stuff that works your heart and gets you breathing (and sweating!)
    on the eating side, cut out most carbs, but eat whole grains like brown rice and brown bread if you have to have carbs to keep you full.
    make sure you fill up with foods like celery, lettuce and strawberries.

    celery – negative calorie food. if you chew it about 30 times on each bite you burn more calories eating it than there is in the food
    strawberries – raises metabolism
    lettuce – mostly water but fills you up

    good luck, and remember, don’t lose too much weight because you sound like you are in good shape!

  6. sherrie said :

    No i do not think that you sound fat at all. Here are some small easy tips if you really want to use them. Take walks and drink lots of water. Try not to sleep to much but be sure to get enough. Also, just eat healthy. Cut off on the junk food but dont go vegetarian. Thats my advice.

  7. SME said :

    eat lots of fruits everytime your hungry other then breakfast lunch and dinner eat fruit. limit your meat but still eat some of it. drink lots of water. good luck

  8. Ces said :

    Are you fat?

    Well the easiest way for you to tell is to google “BMI Check”
    Here, you will find a list of websites that tell you your BMI (Body Mass Index).
    It measures your height against your weight, and will tell you whether or not your weight is what it should be for your height.

    How to lose weight fast?

    There are many methods, and some more suited for some but not others, for example the atkins diet.
    I would suggest just taking a gentle jog every morning or evening, or doing more bike riding.
    You could also stop eating when you feel “comfortably full”.
    Also, set your meals at certain times of the day and not at random ones. This will ensure you’re not eating too much or too little in a day.

    Avoiding fried and greasy foods will also help.
    Just a few tips though =]

  9. power of the soul said :

    Allright!!!! Just don’t sit all day and do a lot breaks

    wake up early in the morning and start new habits like houseworks, then eat and drink some orange juice…
    and then back to work

    keep in mind that when you will lose weights, you will put height because you are only 12 years old

    walking, bicycle, jogging and some weight exercices
    are help a lot….good luck!!!

    later on if like sports go in a club

  10. Judy M said :

    stop eating and drink lots of water to you’re full

  11. Sunita G said :

    If you dont have full knowledge that how to reduce fat and extra weight and muscle building, etc. Then
    ( [email protected] )
    email this person. he is the best guide to make you slim trim in natural way. he will charge you also (not in free)
    But his diet plan and cardio (10 min in 2 days) is THE BEST i think
    try that and see results in 1 month. i lost 23 Kgs in 2months and i am still eating what i want. but just a care of eating well mannered diet (for veg and non-veg both) after getting slim.
    Ask him, he is a nice person to help everyone. he is a personal trainer of some models also.
    Take advise from him and wear whatever cloths you want. and look great as i look now. My impossible dream came true now. As i am a young female, I always wanted this slim trim fugure. But now I wear whatever i want. No shame in saying that i wear mini skirts and bikini too. His diet plan and cardio is Really impressive. And no Health problem, No Body/Face colour problem.
    email him at : [email protected] and discuss your problems.
    OK take care
    Sunita Garg

  12. R T said :

    At your age you shouldn’t be to worried about your weight,however you also don’t want to get into bad habits now while your so young because they will be hard to get out of when you get older and you are out of school. Just stay as active as you can play the sports you like and mix it up a little you don’t have to do the same thing every day, the important thing is to do something. You are still growing so you will get a little taller and then the weight will even out with your hight.

    I have used Isagenix and have lost 39lb fast so I know it works and they have some for kids to. and it is very healthy. if you have any questions about it please email me.

    I hope this helps and good luck, and don’t get discouraged you have many wonderful times ahead of you!

  13. mansionghost said :

    drink h2o dont eat after 6pm and do this video every day


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