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Alternative medicine for being constantly tired and weak?

What’s a good remedy for me? I’m a university student studying 9-5 and when i get home the studying begins all over, there’s no stop.
I try to sleep at least 7.5 hours every night.

Are there any alternative medicines or any herbs or herbal tea I could take to help keep me focused and awake all day long?

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17 Responses to “Alternative medicine for being constantly tired and weak?”

  1. Fight with Tools said:

    its called exercise and eating..

    it helps a lot!

  2. AVE said:

    Iron supliments!
    More red meat and green leafy veg!

  3. nanospasm said:

    ginseng and guarana ?

  4. rowdy gal said:

    vitamin B

  5. Adam said:

    iron tablets 🙂

  6. Kortney said:

    Eat healthy and exercise.

  7. Daria S said:

    Fall in love
    Have a lot of sex
    Start smiling to your self in a mirror :):):)

  8. klepticsy said:

    getting some sunlight, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, herbal teas, exercising… and sleeping 8 hours… no more, no less!

    and random acts of kindness!

    also being happy will help too…

  9. Bob D said:

    try taking a multi-vitamin with lots of b vitamins, those help your energy level. It sounds weird but exercising can really help wake you up in the morning. maybe try yoga or something you can do in a small space like a dorm room, i do the perfect pushup things when i wake up just to get a little exercise in before a start my day

  10. Tanya said:

    Vitamin D . Works for me! I always felt run down and stressed. I started taking 1000mg tabs a month ago, and i feel the difference. It’s healthy and natural. Hope this works

  11. Nathan D. said:

    Try Adderal. If you’re a university student, it should be easy enough to find. If you’re a little cautious, try Riddelin first; it’s not quite as strong.

  12. maddy <3 said:

    Eat sufficient meals rich in protein, don’t consume very much caffeine- especially energy drinks!
    Find time to clear your head and meditate everyday.

  13. linda l said:

    a 6 pack of red bull?

  14. thecrunkness said:

    green tea(not the lipton sweet tea crap) helps a little but eventually it all comes down to getting a good night sleep

    you should be sleeping about 8.5 hours a night not 7.5 and if you don’t have enough sleep your mental capabilities will just keep degrading and your studying will be less and less effective no matter how long you spend on it.

  15. SUKKE said:

    Its not medicine but its a miracle worker. I like to call it RedBull it gives ya wings 🙂
    LOL it actually temporarily restore mental awareness, fatigue or drowsiness.
    just so you know
    (i think the slogan is wrong xD)

  16. fruitdoll said:

    Take a look at your diet. Are you getting enough iron (feeling weak?) I’m no nutritionist, but I do know that if you eat healthier that your energy should improve. Stop drinking pop and eating empty calories. Having too much sugar won’t do you any good in this either.

    Green tea is great. I’d suggest 3 cups a day if you’re looking for a real energy boost. One may or may not be enough depending on your sensitivity. Absolutely no energy drinks! You’ll feel like crap after a while.

    It should be obvious but you should be getting a decent amount of sleep too. Set a regular bedtime. It will be best if you always go to bed and wake up around the same times. Changing your sleeping patterns too often can leave you feeling drained as well.

  17. juvegirl, of the dhimmis said:

    alternative medicine is still medicine. while you don’t need a prescription, you still should be *really* careful taking anything. Talk to a homoeopathic doctor, really.

    I take calcarea carbonica (spelling?) for muscle weakness, but i’m not certain that’s the same problem you have.


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