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a way to stop your body getting used to a cross trainer?

where i live it’s raining constantly and will be for the next half a year! so i can’t really go out for a run to keep fit. i have a cross trainer but read that your body gets used to it and stops having such an impact.

is there a way to stop your body getting used to it?

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4 Responses to “a way to stop your body getting used to a cross trainer?”

  1. shrndcksn said:

    Mmm,have you tried the aerobics programmes on it,I know the ones at my gym has an aerobic function and my one at home has 10 different programs you can do,also try varying the resistance on it so you have to work harder and then really sprint on it with no resistance.

    Just mix it up basically.

  2. Steve S said:

    Get yourself a lightweight, waterproof jacket and get out there!

  3. Annie said:

    Your body gets used to it but only because it gets used to that level of exercise. You don’t get OUT of shape when you get used to it, you just stay at that same level. That’s when you intensify your workouts bit by bit. Run longer or at a faster pace, for example.

    I’m a runner too, so I somehow end up on crosstrainers in the snowy seasons, but I use them as an excuse to go extra hard.

  4. Dr Frank said:

    The trick is always to change your regime periodically. Do you use only these 2 machines at home, if so you could try interval training, that means put the resistance on your cross trainer up and down every few minutes, the more expensive machines have programs that do this automatically. Similarly when running put your speed up and down every 2 or 3 minutes.

    If you are using a gym, use other machines try the rower or the bike.


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