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A question for those who have lost weight/ or losing weight

Do you feel that since you have lost weight, people seem to treat you differently? I am not just talking about people you know, I’m also talking about strangers too. May be I seem more cheerful and therefore more approachable, but people seem to say hi, smile a lot more than usual, even strangers. Sorry, I sound like a weirdo, but I swear people treat me differently.
actually BIG LYNN, I am still a little overweight, but a lot, lot happier :)…

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9 Responses to “A question for those who have lost weight/ or losing weight”

  1. Michael G said :

    No it’s true, when you are slimmer, people do treat you different

  2. splaisling said :

    yeah i noticed that too!

  3. Gareth W said :

    no getting fit makes you feel better and gives you more confidence which shows which makes you more welcoming to talk to

  4. LuckyDog said :

    It could be because you feel better and have more self confidence too. People can see that and will react to it.

  5. T. T. said :

    Think it has more to do with your own confidence increasing as you lose weight. You know you are looking better, you feel proud of your own achievements and it radiates out of your face. You then look more cheerful and have a much more approachable look to you.

    (Have lost weight and am still trying…)

  6. Nonu said :

    off course people are treating me differently specially girls
    i have seen alot of girls that are being attracted by me and it always happen

  7. Rubie said :

    I’ve been through a very similar thing – and honestly I think it’s a self esteem thing. The better you feel about yourself the more positive vibes you put out there. I hope this helps you realize that self esteem is an inside job! It was a lesson for me as well 🙂

  8. BIG LYNN said :

    you may be just hoping that people are more different to you now . they were probably the same before you just didn’t notice before but are expecting it now you feel happier with your body. well done for losing the weight, but i am big and bubbly and lots of people say hi to me too lots of times and smile but that is just because there are still a lot of nice pleasent people in this world controventuary to what the media might report. but well done i,m glad your happy with yourself and your body but so am i.

  9. Rivka S said :

    Yes, they do. There is a prejudice against obese and overweight people that does not seem to go away. It is based on myth and assumptions.

    Don’t get a resentment. Get an attitude. Keep in mind that you were once overweight and you ate right and exercised and now you are either at a healthy size or getting there.

    There is nothing you can do for a small mind.

    I tell them, ‘honey, I may be fat but I can diet and exercise. What is wrong with you is incurable.’



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