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A question for anyone who has private medical/health insurance UK?

I’ve recently got it and I’m a bit confused by a couple of things.

They say you have to write to them for them to agree to any procedureds before they take place but they also cover things like heammorhage after pregnancy. What do you do in that kind of case because obviously you aren’t going to have time to write to them! What do you do if it is something urgent?

Also if you are in an NHS hopital, how do you then get transferred to a private hospital?

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3 Responses to “A question for anyone who has private medical/health insurance UK?”

  1. Katie OGrady said :

    In an urgent or emergency situation you can go into hospital and claim back after, although they can refuse to pay but unless you have done something wrong like missed a payment on your insurance or something this is unlikely. This is how I’ve known policies to work but you really need to check with the insurers what they need you to do.

    If you end up in an NHS hospital all of the ones I’ve been to have a private ward within the hospital, so if you have to go to A&E and get admitted you can ask to go to the private ward (usually means you get your own room and bathroom etc). Most private hospitals don’t have an emergency department so you would have to go to an NHS hospital in an emergency anyway and then be transferred when it’s suitable, you just need to ask.

  2. Jane said :

    I think its better you to consul your local any best insurance ad visor to get some better information. Otherwise you can search at net and get information on insurance companies which can gives you detail information on what you are searching.


  3. Tim said : – my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.


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