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1st day on Slimming World and I don’t know where to start ?

I went to my first meeting last night, and I feel a bit overloaded with information, I havent had any breakfast yet or been shopping. I dont know where to start…do I start on the green side of the book first? I thought Eggs were free then I see they are in the sin confused. HELP.

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6 Responses to “1st day on Slimming World and I don’t know where to start ?”

  1. Fallen Angel said :

    Sounds like a nightmare…. I haven’t ever followed this diet, I believe you pick a green or red day then eat accordingly? I expect some foods are free on green days but not red and vice versa.

    There must be some foods like certain fruits and salads that are totally free. Did they not give examples of suitable mmenufor each day?

    If you are totally confused contact the group leader. You are paying for the meetings and support so use the rresources

    Have you looked at the website??? There is online support for members if you register and get a password?

  2. Kerry K said :

    You can start the plan on any day you like – if you feel like you are going to have more carbs, stick to the green side.

    The majority of your food will be coming from the free food/superfree food lists

    Have 1 or 2 healthy A choices every day for calcium and 2 healthy B choices for essential nutrients.

    if you are still hungry then you can use syns (5-15 every day) or an average of 70 per week.

    Write everything you eat onto your food diary (as you eat it, not at the end of the day when you have forgotten most of it) as this will help you to keep track of where you are. the free food box should be full.

    Eggs are free on any day as long as you don’t add any extra fat or oil to them when cooking.

    I know the plan seems confusing at first, but persevere with it as it does work – I lost 3 stones in 6 months and ran my own group for 2 years. If you need any further help speak to your consultant – that is what she is there for.

  3. Victoria M said :

    id always plan ahead, what you plan to eat
    go have some breakfast, scrambled eggs ( free if you dont add milk or any fats), then plan your meals
    it does look complicated when you first start, but gets soo much easier
    decided if you want to be on a red or a green day, i prefer a green as like my potatoes and pasta, my favourite on a green day is beans, potatoe wedges and a dried fried egg or boiled egg,doesnt leave me feeling hungry.
    good luck

  4. sweet thing said :

    If I were you I would look in the FREE food section of the GREEN choice then look in the FREE food section of the RED choice and pick out foods you love (I actually read the book through and highlighted all the foods I liked). Pick any free foods from the GREEN choice for lunch, have a free food meal from the RED choice for dinner. This will get you started on at least two meals per day, and with them being FREE foods the quantities are unlimited, eat as much as you want, but until you get into the routine, DO NOTmix GREEN and RED together. For breakfast look in the HEALTHY EXTRA list either RED or GREEN it does not matter which and choose a breakfast. Allow yourself 350 ml of skimmed milk per day and then look in the section for SYNS and pick up to 15 SYNS per day. The above will get you started on the basics, to be honest you can make dozens of meals from the FREE food sections in both RED and GREEN . Eat as much fruit as you want from the FREE fruits section. Once you understand how it works everything will fall into place, then you can make your own choices, I hope I have made it easier to understand, but the answer is to sit and read the book until you know it inside out but just stick to the basics for now. With regards to eggs, they are FREE foods, but due to Cholestral problems with some people, they are limited to a certain number per week. I myself have as many as I want in omelettes, with bacon, poached on toast or scrambled.

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