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14 Year Old Help on Fat Loss and assessment?

I am 14 and 195 lb. Heres my stats:
Power clean:145

So Im kinda fat… Any advice to lose the fat? And Get Dat Dere 6 Pack?

Im planning on eating 600 calories max a day, 100 calories per meal…

Any advice?

BTW is that good for a 14 year old?

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13 Responses to “14 Year Old Help on Fat Loss and assessment?”

  1. BT said :

    Too little calories per day with weight lifting will put you in ketoacidosis. And this is something you don’t want. I would suggest for your age you need to speak to your doctor or a nutritionist to see exactly how many calories a day you need. You are still growing and your body still needs the extra calories. Best wishes.

  2. yay said :

    Do not diet. Once you lose the weight you won’t and start eating normally again, you just gain it back.
    And you need more than 600 calories a day.

  3. ChiChi said :

    First off, if you can squat 265lbs, deadlift 265lbs and you are 14 years old that is amazing. Sounds like you would really benefit from losing fat because you have muscle underneath that to show off.

    DO NOT go on a 600 calorie diet. I repeat: DO NOT go on a 600 calorie diet. Doing that will make your body go into “starvation mode” where it thinks there is no food around. It will try to save as much fat as possible and go straight to muscle. This is a BAD idea!

    To lose weight, cut calories, but slightly. Maybe eat about 500 less calories per day. Then 3-5 times a week do cardio for at least 30 minutes. You should also keep doing squats, bench, deadlift, etc so you don’t lose strength.

    And remember, be patient and be smart about this.

  4. Nancy F said :

    If you want to get a six pack you’ll need to lots of sit ups, about 400 everyday, or every time you think about losing fat drop and do as many as you can. This should help get rid of the fat around your midsection and build up your abs.

    Also I think you are lifting too much weight for your age. You shouldn’t lift anything over your own weight, and squats are really, really bad for your knees, I suggest brisk walking as a subtitstute for a leg workout. Deadlifts are a big no no, unless you want to paralyze yourself. Now that I think about it, since you’re only 14 you should give up lifting weights for until your 20’s because you will stunt your growth.

  5. favori12 said :

    The answer above me is genius. I assume you’re a doctor Nancy? You should write a book, people could learn a lot from you.

  6. usmcrecruit2009 said :

    get on dat dere cell tech

  7. Vod said :

    Lol at the unawareness.

  8. Umad? said :

    strong unawares, lmao

  9. andyparker1993 said :

    600 calories a day?
    No wonder you are fat.

    Now since you are japanese/chinese/asian, i am going to speak in pokemon speak.

    You will be a snorlax if you eat 600 calories a day.

    If you want to be a machamp, you must eat about 18 calories a day. Dont forget that If you want to burn fat you need to low weight and high reps and lots of it. Dont squat, it is bad for your knees. I recommend the doggy position instead.

  10. denrocks1 said :

    You need to do OVER 9000 situps a day or your fat will build up around you and suffocate you to death. Your also taking in to many calories you can overwhelm your body with that much food and it will make you explode, I recomend 10 calories a meal. Also the only reason that other person said you would hurt yor back from deadlifts was because your not curving your back properly. You need to curve it as much as possible. That isn’t even good stats for a 14 year old. All your lifts should be over tree fiddy.

  11. ATHYMETTAL said :

    Yes Favori, Nancy is in fact a doctor. She graduated from Harvard University with a PhD in Physiology (AS YOU CAN OBVIOUSLY TELL) and a Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Medicine.

    No I’m just kidding. But the poster of this question should probably only be eating once every three days.. you know, to minimize fat gain.

  12. Xtralarge said :

    nancy has to be the most retarted person in the world hahahahaha find some facts on anything you just typed seeing as it is all 100% wrong.

  13. Lauren said :

    at least you know you should be eating 6 meals a day. Aside from that you’re dumb.


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